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War of the Spark Season 3 Ends July 31 12 PM PT


The current ladder ranking season, War of the Spark Season 3 – ends July 31st, 12:00 PT (19:00 UTC). To be eligible for the end of season rewards, you must have played at least one game in the respective formats (constructed and limited). This is your opportunity to grab some gold, Core Set 2020 packs, and the Cruel Celebrant and Soul Diviner card style, awarded and Gold and Platinum ranks, respectively.

This is also the third and final qualifying period for Mythic Championship V – the largest MTG Arena tournament with a $750,000 prize pool. The top 1000 Mythic players from the constructed and the limited ranks qualify for the Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend (along with players from War of the Spark Season 1 and 2) starting August 17!

The new season, Core Set 2020 Season 1, begins July 31 12:05 PM PT.