Zendikar Rising Championship Top 8 Decklists

Zendikar Rising Championship is the central tournament of the Zendikar Rising Split that showcases both Historic and Standard format. After two days of Swiss play, the Top 8 players have fought their way into the double-elimination playoff bracket that will take place on Sunday, Dec 6.

In this article you will find the Historic and Standard decklists these players used on their way to the Top 8, which itself will be played exclusively in Historic format.

For the full stats and standings of the tournament so far, visit Zendikar Rising Championship page on MTGMelee.

Also, check out our Standard and Historic metagame breakdowns, as well as the overview of the most interesting Historic decks the diverse meta of the tournament has had to offer.

Top 8 Historic Decklists

Top 8 Standard Decklists

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