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Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate Limited Instants, Flash and Tricks Guide

Hey everyone! We’ve already went over all the individual cards, archetypes, and mechanics of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate so now I’m going to provide you with a handy dandy Instants guide. Keep this one bookmarked and whenever you have a question about what your opponent could have, just pull this up and eliminate all doubt.

I’ll also give you a bit of advice on each group regarding some Arena tells and general strategy. You didn’t really think I was going to leave you empty handed, did you?


If your opponent has priority with no mana open they either have an onboard effect like Reckless Barbarian or they are playing in full control. If they are playing in full control, keep that in mind so you don’t put them on a trick based off of priority instead of play patterns.


The first thing to recognize here is that you really don’t want to block any suspicious attacks against white mana. If they offer a trade that’s too good to be true be concerned because if they get you off of the adventure of Blessed Hippogriff, you are down a lot of tempo and a card.

Any color can play Spiked Pit Trap and if they have priority without a creature on board, that’s what it is unless they have Green for You Line Up the Shot or Red for Dueling Rapier (which shouldn’t be played anyway).


The biggest concern here is You Hear Something on Watch which is usually given away because Arena always gives them having priority even with no creatures out. It’s also pretty suspicious when they leave the two mana open early.

The other one to watch out for is Valiant Farewell which can be given away by them attacking something like a 2/2 into a 4/4 because it doesn’t line up with the other available tricks.

The big one is Undersimplify, if they pass early with two mana up consider either playing a worse creature into it or waiting to play around it.

Shocking Grasp is best avoided because you never want to go down a card. If they are attacking with a Soulknife Spy into two of your 2/2s, double block so you don’t get blown out. Even if they have Hypnotic Pattern, you still only lose one of your creatures.

Deadly Dispute is the huge one here because if they get to respond to a removal spell with it, it feels like you lost the game on the spot.

You [card name=

The only red one I really worry about here is Dragon's Fire, but there is a possibility they are playing the Two-Handed Axe.

For Poison the Blade look out for strange attacks with First Strike or something like attacking a 4/4 into a 2/2 and a 3/3.


This is really all about Rally Maneuver, even though it’s an uncommon, it is still worth considering every time because of how big of a swing it can be. One tell is that they only attack with two creatures when a group pump with You Hear Something on Watch would warrant a much larger attack.

You can usually see Blur coming because of the type of creatures that are in their deck as well as examining how they attacked the previous turn. If you put them on it, then make sure you pass priority to get them to use it before you blow them out with removal.

If your opponent skipped playing anything on turn two or three with red mana up, they either kept a questionable hand, haven’t seen anything worth using Dragon's Fire on, or they are trying to walk you into Breath Weapon.

Emerald Dragon

This is where you have to start worry about Green tricks with one of the hard things to differentiate is whether they have Arcane Archery or Band Together, but along with Choose Your Weapon this is when you really need to start thinking about not getting blown out on a double block.


The new “Oh man I walked into that” is the front half of Dread Linnorm. If they suspiciously leave four mana up on turn four while giving you a “free” attack be wary of attacking in unless you have instant speed removal to disrupt it.

Don’t forget that Manticore is a thing. It ends up making the cut sometimes because too many people are fighting over Black cards.



There isn’t too much that can be done about Sune's Intervention. It’s a rare so it’s hard to put them on it. Sometimes you just have to take your lumps.

Eyes of the Beholder is another one that makes the cut when too many people are fighting for Black, so just watch for them holding up six mana.

Wrap Up

Thanks for Reading! I hope this guide gets you out of many jams during your adventures into Baldur’s Gate.

Keep checking back because I’ll have my HBG draft guide up in a couple days as soon as I slam enough drafts!

I’m always open to feedback, let me know what you loved, what you hated, or just send dog pics. You can contact at:

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