Here is a list of our tools as well as third party plugins for Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Council of the Absolute Art by Zoltan Boros

Deck Advisor

This app is currently not supported. Check back later for further updates! What is Daily Arena Deck Advisor, and what does it do? Daily Arena Deck Advisor is a companion tool for Magic Arena that suggests decks to build using…



MTG Arena has numerous third party trackers, and our goal is to review and compare each one as time goes. MTGAHelper is one of the fully-fledged applications available, and over time it has established itself amongst users since its inception.…

MTGA Assistant Logo

MTGA Assistant

Welcome, everyone! I’m Drifter and today, I’ve been asked to peer-review Aetherhub’s MTGA Assistant, the new Arena helper extension. So what is MTGA Assistant exactly? What does it do well and badly? What does it bring to the table that…