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Kethis Combo Deck Guide

Our Kethis Combo deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this combo build for the Core Set 2020 expansion! This guide will teach you how to pilot, sideboard, and substitute cards for this archetype!

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Jeskai Winds Standard Deck Review

The Gaming Stadium Open Series featuring MTG Arena was held on August 10, and we will be reviewing a Jeskai deck played by Adam Gagan to a 10th place finish....

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Mardu Angels Standard Deck Review

Today we will be reviewing a Mardu Angels deck played by MatuvueFR in the Arena Super Cup Qualifier, a French MTG Arena tournament to a successful finish. Decklist 4 Bishop...

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Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend

Day 2: Top 16 Players and Results The second and final day of the Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend has now concluded! The top 16 ranked players after 7 nerve-racking...

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Fandom Legends Week 18 Decklists

Think you have what it takes to win some major cash in MTG Arena? Test your might in the Fandom Legends, an all new Magic Arena online event featuring some...

Generic Wizards of the Coast Image 0 Patch Notes

A minor update to MTG Arena has been released. This patch changes the payment system to the Xsolla platform and fixes Nexus of Fate so it can be played in...

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Ravnica Allegiance Ranked Draft Live

As part of the July 2 update, MTG Arena will have a rotating ranked draft queue in conjunction with the Core Set 2020 Ranked Draft which will be live from August 2, 8 AM PT for 2 weeks until August 16.

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Today we have a minor update to MTG Arena, that addresses a number of bugs introduced in the last update. We are also getting some undocumented changes to the drafting...

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MTG Arena Draft Guides by Compulsion

As of today, we are proud to officially introduce Compulsion, who we are partnering with to provide everyone with quality, in-depth articles on the limited formats (sealed and draft) of...