MTG Arena Zone Premium

MTG Arena Zone Premium

Support MTG Arena Zone and your favorite content creators by subscribing to our Premium community! Get the most of your gaming experience with the following perks for paid membership:

  • No ads: Browse the entire website ad-free, both display and video.
  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive articles only for Premium members, at your fingertips.
  • Support: All your contributions get directly reinvested into the website to increase your viewing experience!
  • Giveaways and Promotions: Regularly, we will hold giveaways and promotions to the community.
  • Discord: Join our Discord server, claim your Premium role and gain access to exclusive channels where you can learn in real time!
  • Tournaments: More information coming soon!
$4.99 / Month
✔ Support the team
✔ No advertisements
✔ Exclusive content
✔ Exclusive giveaways and promotions
✔ Discord role and channels
$49.99 / Year
✔ 2 months free!
✔ Support the team
✔ No advertisements
✔ Exclusive content
✔ Exclusive giveaways and promotions
✔ Discord role and channels

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is payment handled?

You can use either Stripe or PayPal to process payments.

What exclusive content do I get?

We are aiming for one Premium article per week, usually on a Friday. This can range from early access to deck lists, tournament recommendations, or high level strategy content. If you are looking for articles to actively improve your game and/or tournament results, this is the content for you.

What Discord benefits do I get?

You can join our Discord server, link your account on the account page, and automatically gain access to your exclusive role and channels! There, you can get insights from our team and improve your game.

What if I already have an active Premium membership from last time?

If you have already previously signed up for our Premium membership from 2020, your subscription is still active if it has not expired yet. You can manage existing subscriptions on your account page.

What if the price changes?

You will keep your current rate for life (unless you cancel and wish to subscribe again).

Can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds for subscriptions, but we can make sure your subscription is cancelled so you do not get billed again.

What if there is an issue?

If you encounter any problems, please contact us!