Explorer Metagame

Explore the best decks in the metagame for Explorer, for both best of one (bo1) and best of three (bo3). Our tier list and rankings are carefully curated based on a variety of factors and sources by our expert players. To learn more about the format and find more decks, please check out our dedicated guide.

This format is a “true-to-tabletop” format using all the Pioneer-legal cards available on MTG Arena (Return to Ravnica onwards).

  • On the tier list table, click on the deck archetype name to find the latest decklists representing it from Mythic ladder, events, and tournaments. Each deck will be ranked in numerical order as well as tier order. The higher something is within the tier, the better it is than other decks.
  • The metagame matrix measures matches between each popular deck and how they fare against each other.

Metagame Snapshot

Our weekly metagame snapshot provide analysis on the standout decks, whether they stand out for their strength, weaknesses, or they have a large change in positioning.

Metagame Matchup Matrix

The metagame matchup matrix will be updated as soon as we collect data!

Tier List


  • Tier 1: The best of the best. The most consistent decks that sport the highest win rates and generally, the highest play rates.
  • Tier 2: Very solid decks that are slightly lacking in some capacity, whether it’s consistency or power compared to the Tier One archetypes. These can still be strong choices for ladder or for tournaments if you are highly skilled with the archetype or play them during the right metas.
  • Tier 3: Either these decks are poorly positioned or have a lot of power/consistency issues. These are decks that see play, but are generally worse choices than your other options.
  • Tier 4: Off-meta decks.