Pioneer Metagame Tier List

Our latest update to the Pioneer metagame tier list in MTG Arena.


Discover the best Magic: The Gathering Arena Pioneer decks and archetypes that the players are using to win tournaments. View and explore our Pioneer metagame tier list as we rank the top decks, as well as our comprehensive analysis and review. Being updated for The Brothers' War(BRO)!

On the tier list, click on the deck archetype name to go to MTG Meta and find detailed statistics on the deck, and the latest decklists representing it from tournaments. The tier list is updated on a real time basis.

Pioneer Tier List

Tier 1
? The premier decks of the format. These are the most likely decks to win challenges or preliminaries on Magic Online and often survive even while being targeted directly by other top decks.

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Tier 2
? These are very strong decks that are poised to top 8 the challenges and may even win them, but generally have a specific weak matchup either against other A tier decks or against some number of S tier decks, which hold these decks back from the top spot.

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Tier 3
? These are the last of the decks that are likely to put up strong results in the Challenges Online. These decks tend to have skewed matchup spreads, needing to win the matchup lottery to overperform and usually are more like to top 16 a Challenge than top 8.

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Tier 4
? These are decks that can 5-0 a league and will occasionally spike a larger event, but generally they fall victim to too many bad matchups in the upper tiers of the metagame or lack the consistency outside of a single pilot to put up consistent results.

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Tier 5
? These decks show up often enough to warrant mention outside of FNM tier and can sneak into top 16s some amount of the time, but on a week to week basis, these decks are liable to leave you outside of prizes in competitive events.

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46.7% win rate0.88% metashare341$
dimir control
43.4% win rate1.46% metashare307$
4c humans
48.4% win rate0.03% metashare436$
Izzet Tempo
45% win rate0.15% metashare34$
esper control
47.3% win rate0.46% metashare747$
Pyre Humans
47.6% win rate0.22% metashare439$
grixis phoenix
57.1% win rate0.05% metashare500$
Mardu Greasefang
47.3% win rate0.15% metashare791$
52.8% win rate0.10% metashare652$
esper greasefang
40.8% win rate0.29% metashare527$
48.8% win rate0.71% metashare491$
mono black aggro
48% win rate1.02% metashare550$
jeskai control
37.1% win rate0.05% metashare415$
izzet control
42.9% win rate0.21% metashare243$
5c humans
48.6% win rate0.09% metashare419$
bant humans
37% win rate0.12% metashare285$
esper humans
33.3% win rate0.00% metashare221$
gruul ramp
55.3% win rate0.05% metashare509$
izzet transmogrify
54.4% win rate0.09% metashare295$
47.5% win rate3.58% metashare385$
jeskai fires
40.9% win rate0.03% metashare648$
orzhov humans
45.5% win rate0.11% metashare404$
Selesnya Company
49.2% win rate0.35% metashare258$
azorius spirits
53.8% win rate2.37% metashare387$
50.5% win rate0.48% metashare430$
52.9% win rate0.78% metashare344$
grinning ignus combo
42.8% win rate0.16% metashare97$
orzhov greasefang
0% win rate0.00% metashare504$
azorius soldiers
45.7% win rate0.06% metashare242$
dimir shredder
52% win rate0.06% metashare628$
32% win rate0.90% metashare860$
acererak combo
39.4% win rate0.07% metashare581$
azorious metalwork colossus
45.9% win rate0.04% metashare191$
bant company
41.9% win rate0.06% metashare338$
big red
48.8% win rate0.04% metashare307$
boros hammer
40.7% win rate0.08% metashare318$
boros midrange
47.1% win rate0.05% metashare159$
demonic bargain combo
54.1% win rate0.10% metashare379$
dimir rogues
48.1% win rate0.81% metashare656$
dread presence lands
20% win rate0.02% metashare646$
ensoul artifact
38.9% win rate0.16% metashare210$
golgari sacrifice
49.3% win rate0.14% metashare377$
grixis midrange
50.9% win rate0.41% metashare1027$
36.4% win rate0.04% metashare261$
jeskai ascendancy
44.2% win rate0.42% metashare312$
44.4% win rate0.07% metashare605$
mono black discard
45.6% win rate0.57% metashare589$
mono blue devotion
44% win rate0.04% metashare279$
mono white midrange
53.6% win rate0.16% metashare453$
orzhov midrange
48.3% win rate0.22% metashare703$
possibility storm
46.6% win rate0.06% metashare453$
52.8% win rate0.04% metashare500$
storm herald combo
39.1% win rate0.08% metashare522$
4c omnath
50% win rate0.06% metashare568$
abzan sacrifice
45.8% win rate0.01% metashare315$
azorius artifacts
50% win rate0.01% metashare338$
azorious midrange
45.2% win rate0.03% metashare324$
azorius yorion
52.9% win rate0.01% metashare473$
birthing pod
37.5% win rate0.02% metashare557$
boros aggro
45.5% win rate0.32% metashare462$
boros convoke
50.6% win rate2.23% metashare316$
doom foretold
34.1% win rate0.04% metashare690$
dredgeless dredge
50% win rate0.01% metashare399$
45.8% win rate0.03% metashare621$
esper legends
55.7% win rate0.11% metashare646$
35.7% win rate0.02% metashare40$
golgari midrange
39.3% win rate0.18% metashare600$
golgari vehicles
46.9% win rate0.11% metashare472$
grixis tempo
45% win rate0.02% metashare387$
hardened scales
17.4% win rate0.03% metashare399$
izzet apparatus
23.1% win rate0.01% metashare167$
jeskai transmogrify
57.1% win rate0.10% metashare694$
jund midrange
37.8% win rate0.09% metashare756$
jund transmogrify
52.2% win rate0.37% metashare541$
lotus field control
54% win rate1.38% metashare435$
mardu midrange
38.5% win rate0.03% metashare392$
mono black midrange
48.4% win rate0.16% metashare686$
naya aggro
41.7% win rate0.04% metashare431$
naya tokens
33.3% win rate0.02% metashare567$
omnath to light
49.5% win rate1.18% metashare609$
paradox engine combo
50% win rate0.02% metashare642$
rona combo
51.3% win rate0.74% metashare674$
selesnya heroic
43.8% win rate0.02% metashare116$
41.5% win rate0.06% metashare562$
5c transmogrify
48.1% win rate0.09% metashare623$


  • Tier 1: Decks are selected by their strong win rate versus other decks (greater than 50%), the probability of encountering them, and a minimum meta share and threshold being met.
  • Tier 2: Tier 2 follows the same parameters as the tier 1 decks, but don’t have as high of a win rate (less than 50%) and/or meta share.
  • Tier 3: Decks that either have a low meta share or a low win rate.
  • Tier 4: Off-meta decks – not enough meta share to be reliable or a low win rate.

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