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Browse the top decks, curated and ranked by our expert players. For the full list including best of one, click on the links.


Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1iko-185-emergent-ultimatumSultai Ultimatum1Guide
2stx-189-galazeth-prismariIzzet Dragons1Guide
3khm-142-magda-brazen-outlawGruul Adventures1Guide
4eld-165-lovestruck-beast-art-cropNaya Adventures1Guide

Mono Red Aggro



Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1grn-91-arclight-phoenix-art-cropIzzet Phoenix1Guide
2torrential gearhulkJeskai Control1Guide
3stx-17-elite-spellbinderSelesnya Company2Guide
4eld-329-korvold-fae-cursed-king-art-cropJund Food2Guide
5rna-85-spawn-of-mayhemMono Black Aggro2Guide

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Find the latest decklists posted live as they are found, and play them before anyone else!

▶ Latest Articles and Guides

Jhoira Dominaria Art 2

Dominaria Draft Guide

I was thrilled to see that MTG Arena will have Premier Draft Dominaria for the next week. This will be a great opportunity to collect cards from the Dominaria expansion...