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chandra-core-set-2020-generic-image 0 Game Update

The latest game update is now live after a brief maintenance, and the MTG Arena developers are addressing two key issues that have risen since the last Core...

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New Deck Section and Upcoming Content

Hello to everybody reading this and thank you for visiting MTG Arena Zone. What started off two months ago as something to learn about web development and my love for...

Iroas-God-of-Victory-Art-Slawomir-Maniak 0

Daily Wins

In this article we explain the daily win rewards available in MTG Arena and how the rewards are distributed.

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Daily Quests

In this article we list all the daily quests available in MTG Arena, how it works, how to complete them and the best way to maximize your rewards.

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Core Set 2020 Draft Guide

Core Set 2020 Traditional Draft is live from July 8 until the next set release and Ranked Draft to follow on July 19. We will guide you on how to...

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord (M20) Art by Chase Stone 0

Vampires in Core Set 2020 Standard

Vampire decks in Core Set 2020 Standard have become much more powerful with the introduction of some key cards – this is our guide to the deck as well as an updated decklist.