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D&D: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR)

Standard 2022



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Standard 2022

Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1afr-211-werewolf-pack-leaderMono Green Stompy1Guide
2stx-189-galazeth-prismariIzzet Dragons1Guide
3afr-62-iymrith-desert-doomDimir Control1Guide
4afr-25-monk-of-the-open-handMono White Aggro1Guide
4afr-23-loyal-warhoundBoros Aggro1

Standard BO1

Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1iko-216-winota-joiner-of-forcesBoros Winota1Guide
2Mono White DevotionMono White Lifegain1Guide
3eld-147-torbran-thane-of-red-fell-art-cropMono Red Aggro1Guide
4stx-17-elite-spellbinderMono White Aggro1Guide
5improbable allianceCycling2Guide

Standard BO3

Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1iko-185-emergent-ultimatumSultai Ultimatum1Guide
2Lukka, Coppercoat OutcastTemur Lukka1Guide
3eld-165-lovestruck-beast-art-cropNaya Adventures1Guide
4afr-211-werewolf-pack-leaderMono Green Stompy1
5khm-142-magda-brazen-outlawGruul Adventures1Guide

Historic BO3

Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1torrential gearhulkJeskai Control1Guide
5stx-17-elite-spellbinderSelesnya Company2Guide

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Skullport Merchant Art by Aaron Miller 0

Forgotten Realms Draft Guide

Limited Review Limited Guide Hello again folks, I hope you have been enjoying your time in the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR). I must apologize for...


MTG: Arena Announcements, July 28, 2021

This afternoon, Wizards of the Coast published their regular MTG Arena announcements bulletin with some new details about upcoming events. There are three main points of interest for Arena players...


Ban Announcement Uncovered for Tomorrow, July 21

[UPDATE: The Announcement has been made- Brainstorm is Suspended in Historic.] Clever minds in the Magic social media sphere have discovered that banned and restricted announcements from Wizards of the...