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Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate

MTG Arena’s next set is coming on July 7, 2022 with its own Mastery Pass, draft format, rebalancing and more!

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Keep or Mulligan #2

Keep or Mulligan #2: Level up Your Game

Knowing which hands to keep is one of the most important skills in Magic and PVDDR is going to help you level up your mulligan game! Navigate through 5 close hands with him to learn what you should be looking for in an opener and how this minor decision can drastically shift the course of a game!

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Ancient Brass Dragon Art by Jeff Miracola

MTG Arena Announcements: July 6, 2022

In this week’s MTG Arena Announcements, once again it’s all about the release of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate tomorrow on July 7 (around 8 AM PST). An associated MTG Arena State of the Game article was also released, that covers…

Tenazir Quandrix

Alchemy Rebalanced Cards

Alchemy is a new, digital-first format only on Starting from December 9, 2021, Magic: The Gathering Arena! Alchemy is MTG Arena’s version of Standard; it includes all Standard sets, and rotates as it normally does. However, it will also regularly…

Questing Beast

Top 15 Mono-Green Creatures on MTG Arena

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy arguing about things to pass the time. Today, I’m giving you plenty of ammunition to argue about and that’s the top fifteen mono-green creatures on Arena. Whether it’s for Standard, Explorer, Historic, Alchemy,…