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Here you can find our in-depth, premium guides for Magic: The Gathering decks from our staff members, from competitive to off-meta and jank.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets Art by Jason Rainville 0

Naya Toski Kaldheim Standard Deck Guide

It’s time for some squirrel action, so you can always draw the nuts! Jokes aside, this deck has been racking up results! Crokeyz and DanyTlaw popularized the squirrel and completely...

Dwynen's Elite 0

Golgari Elves Historic Deck Guide

Elves is a tribe dear to me and easily my favorite in Magic: The Gathering lore. I started playing back in 2002 and Onslaught was my first prerelease. I then...

Wizards-Lighting-Dominaria-MtG-Art 0

Boros Burn Historic Deck Guide

Today I have something sweet for you my wizards: Historic Boros Burn! This deck got a sweet new tool in , but honestly? The ban of might still just be...