Truths and Myths About Deck Selection

Truths and Myths About Deck Selection

Magic is such a complex game that one of the most important decisions happens before you even start playing the game! PVDDR is here to help you perfect the art of deck selection and avoid the common pitfalls players fall into!
Keep or Mulligan #2

Keep or Mulligan #2: Level up Your Game

Knowing which hands to keep is one of the most important skills in Magic and PVDDR is going to help you level up your mulligan game! Navigate through 5 close hands with him to learn what you should be looking for in an opener and how this minor decision can drastically shift the course of a game!
Baneslayer Angel Art

The Top 20 Tech Cards for Explorer That You Should Consider Playing

This weekend is all about Explorer and there's going to be a ton of competition vying for Pro Tour slots. Darthjacen is giving you the edge with the best decks and DoggertQBones comes in with the assist for cards you can add to your deck to drastically improve your matchup against Explorer's most common decks! What are his top 20 cards that can substantially shift matchups to your favor?