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Three More Decks I Would Play to Crush an Alchemy Tournament – Best Lists with Full Sideboard Guides

More Alchemy tournaments, more curated lists! DoggertQBones goes over 3 more decks he would confidently bring to a tournament, how to board with them, and what to prioritize in each matchup! If you’re playing in an Alchemy tournament soon, this is a must read!

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Standard’s Top Decks With Innistrad: Crimson Vow – The Winners and Losers of the New Metagame With Full Decklists

Crimson Vow is out, and with that the fervor of players quickly trying to break the meta once again! Get a leg up from DoggertQBones as he discusses what gained the most from Crimson Vow and what decks missed out alongside 6 complete decklists for you to try!