What is MTG Arena Zone?

Our goal is to become your number one destination for quality Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Arena content. MTG Arena is the latest official digital game offering from Wizards of the Coast for the strategic trading card game, Magic: The Gathering.

We want to pride ourselves for having the best articles, guides, news, decks, and database specifically for MTG Arena. We will strive to improve your experience here and have something new for everyone everyday.

The MTG Arena Zone Team

We are currently hiring staff members – developers, content creators, guide writers, graphic artists and more roles – contact us to get in touch!

Terence (Webmaster)

I have been a Magic: The Gathering player on and off for about 21 years, and as I have grown older there was less time for me to play paper MTG, and I knew MTGO existed but the barrier of entry was too much for me.

When I found out about MTG Arena, I knew this was something that I wanted to get into! I also started website in the hopes of learning about web development and design in my spare time – I hope to learn new things and hope to improve it day by day, while publishing quality content.

Drifter (Editor)

Drifter is also a limited specialist. He is also an infinite drafter on MTG Arena as well as other CCGs. His column on Drafting with Style is a general series of guides written to help players increase their limited knowledge and skill.

Compulsion (Author)

Compulsion is a limited specialist; he is writing a series of in-depth articles for drafting in all MTG Arena available sets.

DailyArena (Tool Developer)

Developer of the Daily Arena Deck Advisor – a downloadable tool for MTG Arena that allows you to find decks you can play with your current collection.


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