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Jump Into Middle-earth

Jump Into Middle-earth Event Guide, Packet Themes and Contents

A complete guide to the Jump Into Middle-earth event, including packet contents to help you find the key cards.

Jump Into Middle-earth is an event catered towards new players in MTG Arena, allowing players to collect cards more efficiently. The event is replaces the classic Jump In! event for collection of The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth cards until the release of Wilds of Eldraine on September 5, 2023. This is our complete guide to the event, including packet contents to help you find the key cards for all 20 new packets!

Event Details

Jump In!

Jump In! is based on Jumpstart, where players will be able to choose two themed packets custom made for MTG Arena with cards from The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. The packs are then combined together to create a ready-to-play 40-card deck to play against other players.

This is a great event for new players to collect specific Rares and Mythic Rares more efficiently, some that are even format staples. Read on to find out more.

  • Starts: June 20, 2023 to September 5, 2023
  • Entry: 1,000 gold or 200 gems
  • Format: Jump Into Middle-earth – pick two packets and play a combined deck with added basic lands.
  • Structure: Play as many games as you wish, resign when you’re done. You may pay the entry and rejoin to select new packets and play again.
  • Rewards: First win awards an uncommon individual card reward (ICR), with a 5% upgrade chance to rare or mythic rare.

Land Selection

  • When you play in Jump Into Middle-earth events, you automatically receive a mix of basic lands based on the packets you choose, balanced for the costs and activated abilities on the spells in your packets.
  • You’ll also receive nonbasic lands for play! Packets you choose will add dual lands from Dominaria United (e.g. Contaminated Aquifer) in the colors appropriate to your deck.
  • If you haven’t acquired these lands before, they’ll be added to your collection, and these nonbasic lands are factored in before basic lands are determined for your deck.

Packet Selection

Jump Into Middle-earth will present you with three options for your first packet. At least one option will be a packet you’ve never selected in a previous run of the event (unless you’ve selected them all). There will always be at least one monocolor option and one multicolor option, and no options will have exactly the same color identity as another.

You will also be presented three options for your second packet. The options for the second packet are based on the colors of your first packet selection:

  • If your first packet selection has one color, there will always be at least one monocolor option and at least one multicolor option. All multicolor options will contain the color of the first packet selection.
  • If your first packet selection has two colors, there will always be at least two monocolor options and at least one of each color. No monocolor option will be outside of the first packet selection’s colors. If there is a multicolor option, its colors will be the same as the first packet selected.

Packet Theme List and Rares/Mythic Rare Contents

  • Each pack will contain one Rare or Mythic Rare. The below table lists all the packet themes, and the Rare or Mythic Rare you might find in each pack.
  • This is a great way to obtain specific cards for new players with a small collection of cards, even if we assume one pack that contains one rare or mythic rare costs 1,000 gold and dismissing the Wildcard track progression.
  • As usual, cards you obtain from this event will be affected by Duplicate Protection. You’ll receive gems for any rares or mythic rares and Vault progress for any commons or uncommons that you received beyond a playset.
  • For a complete list of cards in each pack and the probability of finding each one, please click here.
NameRare #1Rare #2
AdornedGoldberry, River-Daughter
AmassSauron's RansomShadow of the Enemy
BlightedShelob, Child of Ungoliant
BreakfastThe Battle of BywaterDawn of a New Age
CaptainFaramir, Prince of Ithilien
ElvesGaladriel of LothlórienElrond, Master of Healing
FoulThe Balrog, Durin's BaneSauron, the Lidless Eye
GreedyLobelia Sackville-Baggins
HordeFires of Mount Doom
HumansÉowyn, Fearless Knight
InsightRangers of IthilienStorm of Saruman
MoriaThere and Back AgainAndúril, Flame of the West
RallyingGandalf, White Rider
SauronsSauron, the NecromancerWitch-king of Angmar
ShireDelighted HalflingRadagast the Brown
StalwartAragorn, Company Leader
TokensFrodo, Sauron's Bane
TreefolkFangorn, Tree ShepherdLast March of the Ents
WildGimli, Mournful Avenger
WizardGandalf the Grey

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