Standard Metagame Challenge 7 Win Decklists – September 2021

Standard Metagame Challenge - Innistrad Midnight Hunt

The Standard Metagame Challenge is well underway on MTG Arena (click on the link for more information and more decks), and here are the decks being shared that managed to achieve the maximum rewards. Winning 7 best-of-three matches in a row is no easy feat especially since losing once will kick you out of the event, but the following players have managed to defy the odds with their strongest decks.

The new Standard after rotation has been a breath of fresh air for players, with a good balance of powerful cards and viable decks that can tackle the metagame at the same time! The format is still evolving as we speak, so it would be interesting to see where we end up before the upcoming Magic World Championship where the best players in the world will be bringing their best decks to the tournament.

Below we have collected all the 7 win decks from this event, and as you can see below you will see a nice variety of deck archetypes. We will continue to add decks here until the event concludes on September 27.

Standard Metagame Challenge 7 Win Decklists – September 2021


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