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Ikoria Mastery

The contents of the Ikoria Mastery system has just been published, which will run from April 16 to June 25 (when Core Set 2021 is released). We note that the...

Arena Cube Sealed 1

Arena Cube Sealed Card List

This is the complete card list for the Arena Cube Sealed event on MTG Arena. There are 555 total cards in the cube, chosen from the Historic card pool. You...

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MTG Arena Cosmetics Guide

MTG Arena has a wealth of cosmetics that allows you to customize your profile, individual cards and your deck. They have no effect on game play, and can be obtained...

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Standard Treasure Constructed Event Guide and Decklists

This weekend’s event is Standard Treasure Constructed, which creates a Treasure Token on each of your turns! This allows for some fun and wacky decks due to the mana acceleration and almost no restriction on the colors you can use.

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Theros Constructed Event Guide and Decklists

This weekend’s event is Theros Constructed, which only allows you to play with decks only consisting of Theros Beyond Death cards. This is an opportunity to get to use more...

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Theros Beyond Death Draft Guide

Ranked Draft has finally come to Magic Arena! If you are new to the set, or are looking for some background information about its mechanics and archetypes, I recommend checking...