Welcome to MTG Arena Zone’s guide section. This set of articles aims to help players from complete beginners with all that they need to start playing Magic: The Gathering, from learning about the client, to how to improve their gameplay.

  1. Quick Start Guide
    Just started — Getting cards — Getting resources — What next?
  2. Using Arena: Interface and Add-ons
    General interface — Collection interface — Game settings — Third-party tools
  3. Formats, Queues, Events
    Constructed — Limited — Ranked system — Playing with friends
  4. Playing a Match
    Turn timers — Holding priority — Visual cues — Stack — Auto tapper — Mana pool — Various
  5. Arena Economy in Detail
    More on getting cards — Bans and suspensions — Mastery passes — Growing your collection
  6. Inner Workings of Arena
    Common misunderstandings — Common rule confusions — Bugs — Shuffler and matchmaking
  7. Appendix A. Introduction to MTG
    Overview — Card types — Combat — Stack — New sets and rotation — Sideboard
  8. Appendix B. Common MTG Slangs
    Color combinations — Mechanics and effects — Dual-color lands — Various
  9. Appendix C. Improving at MTG
    Understanding Magic — Getting better at Limited — Coping with variance — Tools to build your own deck
  10. Appendix D. Major MTG Arena Change Timeline
  11. Appendix E. Overview of Advanced Search Options in Collection and the Deck Builder

MTG Arena: State of the Beta - August 2019

Renewal Rewards – 2023

The to Renewal Once again, MTG Arena‘s Renewal season is just around the corner! As we approach this time of change and new beginnings, we’ll be rolling out celebratory gifts for all our players, as well as some guidance for the…

Dominaria United Mastery

Dominaria United Mastery

The Mastery system for Dominaria United (DMU) on MTG Arena is a way for players to receive in-game content through regular gameplay. It runs from September 1, 2022 until the release of the next expansion, The Brothers’ War in November…

Faceless Haven Art by Titus Lunter

Alchemy Rebalanced Cards

Alchemy is a new, digital-first format only on Starting from December 9, 2021, Magic: The Gathering Arena! Alchemy is MTG Arena’s version of Standard; it includes all Standard sets, and rotates as it normally does. However, it will also regularly…

Champions of Tyr Art by Fajareka Setiawan

Double Team Mechanic

Reminder Text When a creature with double team attacks, if it’s not a token, conjure a duplicate of the original into your hand, and then both cards lose double team. Description Double Team is a digital-only, Magic: the Gathering Arena…

Tenacious Pup Art by Brian Valeza

Boon Mechanic

Reminder Text A new-to-MTG Arena mechanic, not exclusive to the Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate set, boon is a way to represent delayed triggers, similar to an emblem, but once they trigger, they disappear. Description Boon is a digital-only, Magic: the Gathering Arena exclusive…

Specialize Mechanic

Reminder Text Pay mana and discard a color/land type of your choice to change your card to that new card with its effects (the change depends on which color you discarded). Description Specialize is a digital-only, Magic: the Gathering Arena…