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Ramirez DePietro, Pillager from Dominaria United Commander Legends Retold Art by Anna Steinbauer

Legends Retold – Dominaria United Commander Box Toppers

Details and complete card list of the Legends Retold Box Toppers from the Dominaria United set in Magic: The Gathering.

Legends Retold is a name given to a group of box topper cards for Dominaria United to be released on September 9, 2022. There are 20 Legendary creature cards reimagined from the classic Legends set characters from 1994. In this article, you will find details on where to find these cards and the complete card list.


Ramirez DePietro, Pillager from Dominaria United Commander Legends Retold Art by Anna Steinbauer
Ramirez DePietro, Pillager Art by Anna Steinbauer

With Dominaria’s rich history of legendary characters, Wizards of the Coast wanted to take the opportunity to reimagine 20 of the classic characters from the 1994 Legends expansion. Senior Game Designer Ethan Fleischer used his expansive knowledge of the characters of Legends to design 19 new legendary creatures and one new legendary planeswalker.


These 20 cards are designed for Commander play and featured in a traditional foil treatment in one-card Box Topper boosters included with Set, Draft, and Collector Booster displays of Dominaria United.

In addition to the foil treatment inside Box Toppers, the 20 Legends Retold cards have two treatments exclusively within Collector Boosters, foil etched and non-foil.

There are five uncommons, ten rares, and five mythic rare Legends Retold cards. In the Box Topper boosters, you will get a foil uncommon 37.5% of the time, a foil rare 50% of the time, and a foil mythic rare 12.5% of the time. Every Collector Booster has a single dedicated Legends Retold uncommon slot that splits evenly between a non-foil and a foil-etched version.

In addition, the Collector Booster has two more slots that could have the ten rare and five mythic rare Legends Retold cards either in foil etched or non-foil, along with a number of other potential Booster Fun rares and mythic rares. The maximum number of foil-etched Legends Retold cards in a Collector Booster is two.


Legend Retold cards are marked as the Dominaria United Commander (DMC) set symbol and code, which are legal for eternal formats (Commander, Legacy, and Vintage) only.

Please note this is also paper-only product and the new cards will not be available for Historic in MTG Arena unless introduced via another future release (example: Hamza, Guardian of Arashin in Historic Anthology 4).

Legends Retold Card Gallery

Legends Retold Card List

LegendsLegends RetoldDMC
Ayesha TanakaAyesha Tanaka, Armorer1 (29/48)
HalfdaneThe Ever-Changing 'Dane2 (30/48)
Marhault ElsdragonGeneral Marhault Elsdragon3 (31/48)
Hazezon TamarHazezon, Shaper of Sand4 (32/48)
Jasmine BorealJasmine Boreal of the Seven5 (33/48)
Jedit OjanenJedit Ojanen, Mercenary6 (34/48)
The Lady of the MountainThe Lady of Otaria7 (35/48)
Lady CaleriaOhabi Caleria8 (36/48)
Lady OrcaOrca, Siege Demon9 (37/48)
Ramirez DePietroRamirez DePietro, Pillager10 (38/48)
Ramses OverdarkRamses, Assassin Lord11 (39/48)
Rasputin DreamweaverRasputin, the Oneiromancer12 (40/48)
Rohgahh of Kher KeepRohgahh, kher Keep Overlord13 (41/48)
Sivitri ScarzamSivitri, Dragon Master14 (42/48)
StanggStangg, Echo Warrior15 (43/48)
Tetsuo UmezawaTetsuo, Imperial Champion16 (44/48)
Tobias AndrionTobias, Doomed Conqueror17 (45/48)
Tor WaukiTor Wauki the Younger18 (46/48)
Torsten Von UrsusTorsten, Founder of Benalia19 (47/48)
Xira ArienXira, the Golden Sting20 (48/48)

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