Renewal Rewards


Renewal Rewards are additional in-game rewards given to all players to help “renew” a player’s collections when Standard rotation happens. All players who log in to MTG Arena prior to release of the Throne of Eldraine set on September 26 are eligible. Once the set is released, players will receive the following:

  • A renewal gift of 10 Rare or Mythic Rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) from Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance, Core Set 2020 and Throne of Eldraine
  • The first 25 levels of the Eldraine Mastery will contain additional rewards:
    • 2 additional Throne of Eldraine packs
    • 1 of each pack of Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance and Core Set 2020
    • 10 Uncommon Individul Card Rewards (ICRs)

Players who are eligible for the Renewal Rewards will see the following in their profile:


Open Beta Participation


Players that have created their MTG Arena accounts will also receive a Fblthp Avatar and Sleeves as a reward for participating in the open beta. Eligible players will get an unique code in an email (make sure you turned on email in your MTG Arena account).

New Player Experience (NPE) Decks

Although not technically part of the Renewal Rewards, players who had already completed the New Player Experience prior to its update on July 2 will receive all 15 decks towards their collection. Few things to note:

  • They will not count towards the Vault progression. You can see all the decks here to see what they have and plan your collection accordingly so you don’t waste your Wildcards.
  • It has been confirmed that any cards you need to complete the decks, you’ll receive and the decks will be added to the Deckbuilder. That is, you already have copies of the cards in your collection further copies will not be added.

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