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Starter Decks 2023 – Free Rares and Mythics for New Players

MTG Arena has 15 free decks that are given to new players and existing players as they are updated each year. This guide has each decklist as well as the list of rares and mythics granted, so you can plan your collection ahead.

In MTG Arena, new players receive free cards and decks as part of the new player experience to kick start their collection. There are five-mono colored decks given after completing the tutorial (the Color Challenge), that are designed not to change or rotate. Unique cards here are called the Arena Base Set, and are legal in digital formats such as Alchemy and Historic.

After that, special daily quests unlock for players that grant ten dual-colored decks, each with a total of 5-6 rares and 1-2 mythics. They are usually simple quests like Play X spells of a color:

  • The first dual-colored deck is rewarded just for completing Color Challenges, then you get daily quests for more.
  • You get one deck per day for 4 days, then a quest for a mythic wildcard, then 5 last decks (in the “enemy” color pairs) in one go.
  • You can play normally, you are just rewarded for returning to the game.

In terms of implications on player card collections, it is advised to avoid crafting or opening additional cards, until you receive all the cards in these decks. This is because once you obtain the cards through another method (e.g. opening packs), you do not receive additional copies if you get the deck after. Here’s a reminder that you can also receive a lot of free packs and cosmetics from promotional codes!

Existing players should at least check what cards you get in these free starter decks before crafting certain rares or mythics. Each year in September, Standard undergoes Rotation (Dominaria United on September 1, 2023), the ten dual-color Starter Decks are renewed and granted to all players closer to the date. These decks have been previewed via the Midweek Magic Future Precons event.

Mono-Color Starter Decks 2023

Dual-Color Starter Decks 2023

List of Rares and Mythic Rares

Starter Deck 2023 Rares
by MTG Arena Zone
Buy on TCGplayer $184.93
best of 3
10 mythic
60 rare
0 uncommon
0 common
Planeswalkers (4)
Kaito Shizuki
Instants (1)
Memory Deluge
Sorceries (4)
Soul Transfer
Artifacts (5)
Eater of Virtue
Halo Fountain
Lands (10)
Deserted Beach
Haunted Ridge
Rockfall Vale
Shipwreck Marsh
Deathcap Glade
Sundown Pass
70 Cards

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