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Midweek Magic - Future Standard Precons

Future Standard Precons – Midweek Magic Event Guide and Decklists

MTG Arena will be transitioning from FNM at Home events to Midweek Magic starting this week, which runs for 48 hours from Tuesdays to Thursdays! This week’s format is a bit more light-hearted, where you choose from one of the preconstructed decks (the new Color Challenge rewards) legal in Standard 2022.

As usual, players can enter the event for free, win some free Rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) and send a proof of your participation to your local game store (LGS) to obtain a Midweek Magic Promo Pack containing two cosmetic items. Below is everything you need to know about the event as well as the list of decks you can use for this event.

Check out the full schedule of the Midweek Magic events as well as other MTG Arena events on our event calendar.

Event Details

Welcome to Midweek Magic! Each week, try out a different way to play MTG Arena!

Today’s event is Future Standard Precons: These preconstructed decks are ready for the renewal season, using only cards from the last year of Standard! Change decks as often as you like.

You can receive a code for a Midweek Magic Promo Pack containing two cosmetic items when you share your results with your local game store. Find out how HERE.

*Note: While supplies last. Not all stores are participating.

  • Duration: July 13, 2021 @ 8:00 AM PST to July 15, 2021 @ 8:00 AM PST
  • Format: Preconstructed
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Ends After: You can play as much as you like for the duration of the event.
  • Match Structure: Best-of-one matches (BO1)

Event Rewards

  • 1 Win: Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)
  • 2 Wins: Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR)

Midweek Magic Promo Pack

In addition, you can contact your favorite local game store for a Midweek Magic code, either online or (where safe) in person, that can be redeemed for extra in-game rewards. You’ll be able to redeem up to one code every week, and each code redemption will reward you two in-game cosmetic items.


Some stores have robust online communities, and others may be forming them for the first time. If you’re already part of such a community, great! Check with them and get connected.

If you aren’t part of a local game store’s online community, or if they don’t have one set up, there are a couple ways you can get connected. One is to simply reach out to your store and ask. Another is to head to to find your local game store’s website. Many of them have set up online communities through DiscordWhatsApp, and Facebook, so you may have to join or download one of those applications.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Play in the event (win or lose as much as you want)
  2. Take a screenshot of your event page
  3. Go to to find your local game store’s website
  4. Join their social media channel
  5. Share your screenshot with a nice message on their channel
  6. Your store will message you a code* through that social media channel

*Note: While supplies last. Not all stores are participating. Limit one code per account. Sharing a screenshot with your local game store does not guarantee you will receive a code.

If you cannot find an appropriate store or just don’t want to bother with the whole process, you can buy the codes directly from trusted MTG Arena code vendors such as Gray Viking Games. For a few dollars, you can instantly obtain the code to the MTG Arena Promo Pack as well as codes from other products such as Prerelease, Planeswalker decks, Secret Lair sleeves, and more. For more information of MTG Arena codes, consult our full guide. Be sure to check them out!

MTG Arena Zone is supported by its audience. When you buy codes through this link, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Future Standard Precons Decklists

What is the best deck and what should I choose for my wins?

We recommend the Avalanche! deck as the best one out of the 10, as a good midrange deck with a combination of interaction, ramp, card advantage and decent finishers. The Fireworks, Sky Patrol and Treasure Hunt decks are not far behind in strength.

Where are these decks from?

These are the 10 new multicolored New Player Experience decks that players receive as a reward for completing the Color Challenge. On July 8, 2021 they were updated with the release of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms for this year’s Standard rotation.

When do existing players receive cards from these decks?

Existing players will receive cards they have not yet collected, but will not be given additional copies, sometime during August. For example, if you already have a copy of Lorehold Command, you will not be given another one nor will you receive any Duplicate Protection on it.

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