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General Notes

In addition to common filters at the top and advanced filters that open via the last “three sliders” icon, there the search field — a fairly powerful tool even if it falls behind the one at Scryfall. Hovering the field you get a decent overview that you can see on the screenshot above, but it is in no way complete.

If you just enter a word e.g. draw, the game searches for it in card names, type lines and the rule text. Otherwise, a search term has three parts, where to look, matching criterion and what to look for, e.g. name=shock: search names (where) exactly (criterion) for the word “shock” (what). There is also a set of special keywords to search for some more unique card categories like ?dualfaced for two-sided cards.

See details in the following sections, and also consider that:

  • Several search terms are implicitly joined by logical and, i.e. all conditions have to be met, order doesn’t matter.
    • Logical or and parentheses are also supported, but you have to join a pair of parentheses by or or and explicitly.
    • Logical negation is supported, just use - before the term — this is the most important omission from the ingame tooltip.
  • Non-snow basic lands are excluded unless you click the land filter icon.

Where to Look

Keys for area of search are the following (highlighted in bold + code font):

  • Listed in the game:
    • name, type line, mv — mana value (changed from cmc for converted mana cost);
    • e or s for expansion/set code;
    • color and color identity;
    • power; toughness;
    • oracle text (full card rule text, doesn’t include the reminder text);
    • rarity, quantity collected.
  • Not listed in the game:
    • mana — the mana cost printed in the top right corner; loyalty;
    • flavor text, artist.
      • There are cases (bugs?) when flavor text is searched with no key, but not found when searching with f.

Matching Criteria

  • : or = — exact value for numbers, rarity and colors; “must contain” for text.
  • <, >, <=, >=, != — work literally for numbers and rarities (as an ordered sequence), and for colors as a set.
    • I.e. c<=r finds red and colorless cards, c>=r finds cards that are at least red, and c>r finds cards that are red and some other color.
    • != is “not equals” just in case.
    • It looks like either of these works just like = for other keys like sets or types.

What to Look For

  • Plain text or numbers, whether with a search key like name, t, o, or with no keys.
    • This finds parts of the word, so mage will find all instances of damage.
    • This doesn’t like special characters like , :, / or (the “choice” character), so enclose search terms with these in quotes: "2/2".
    • If you need two or more consecutive words, also enclose them in quotes: "from your hand", not from your hand.
  • Specific sets via the three-letter set codes.
    • In order of appearance: XLN, RIX, DAR (not DOM), M19, GRN, RNA, WAR, M20, ELD, THB, IKO, M21, AKR, ZNR, KLR, KHM, STX, AFR, MID, VOW. New-to-Arena Jumpstart: Historic Horizons cards fall under one of: J21, MH1, MH2.
    • Historic Anthologies are not searchable unlike on Scryfall (where you can use HA1 through HA5 set codes).
    • ANA and ANB are the codes for Arena-specific sets.
  • Specific mana in mana costs, just use the letters w u b r g in the required amount, e.g. m:ggg.
    • For multicolor cards, order matters: m:gu, not m:ug.
  • Graphical symbols like mana icons or “tap” in the text. Use the symbol code or a part of it in quotes, as follows.
    • Symbol codes are enclosed in curly braces {} and for encircled symbols codes start with the letter o.
      • Colored and colorless mana: "{ow", "{ou", "{ob", "{or", "{og", "{oc".
      • Generic mana amount: "{o0" through "{o9" and "{ox".
        • No need for the closing } — even more, to find several in a row, you just chain them, e.g. owou.
        • Technically, you don’t need the opening { either, just the search will find real words like snow if you just search for “ow”.
      • Hybrid mana symbols: "(w/u)", "(w/b)", "(r/w)", "(g/w)", "(u/b)", "(u/r)", "(g/u)", "(b/r)", "(b/g)", "(r/g)".
        • Also "(2/w)" through "(2/g)", though no cards with (2/w) on Arena yet 🙂
        • Interestingly, the order of colors in the hybrid mana symbol doesn’t matter when looking for card mana costs with m, but does matter in the oracle text; the order of normal mana symbols matters everywhere.
      • Tap symbol: "{ot". Untap would probably be “{oq”, but no such cards on Arena yet.
      • Energy: "{e" (two or more — "{ee", etc.); snow: "{os".
    • For energy, tap, untap and snow just words also work: o:energy, o:tap, o:untap, o:snow. But that looks in the whole text, not just for symbols.
      • So, obviously, o:tap also will find all instances of untap or untapped, so use the logical negation: o:tap -untap.

Special Keywords

  • ?booster finds cards that can be opened in boosters. Thus, -?booster finds cards that can’t.
  • ?dualfaced finds cards with two sides. ?transform narrows that down to transformable dual-faced cards.
  • ?split finds spilt-cards (from Ravnica sets and Amonkhet Remastered).
  • ?adventure finds cards with adventures, same as t:adventure.
  • ?party finds creatures of all relevant four types. Doesn’t find Changelings.
  • ?spell finds anything but lands, ?permanent finds permanents.
  • ?commander and ?companion find cards that can be used in these slots.
  • ?styled finds cards that have styles.
  • ?basicland finds basic lands. Pretty useless because it finds nothing unless you’re already filtering for lands.

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