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Dominaria United Standard Wildcard Crafting Guide – The Best Cards To Craft On A Budget

Unsure what to craft with Dominaria United now out? DoggertQBones has you covered! He went through every Rare/Mythic in Dominaria United and laid out which ones are worth the craft and which you should avoid!

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to harken back to my very first article here on MTG Arena Zone, a Wildcard Crafting Guide! With a new set coming out, Wildcards are always going to be strained so many players like to know ahead of time what are the safest crafts so they don’t waste all of their wildcards. With that, I combed through the entire set and separated every single Rare and Mythic into particular categories so you know how safe they are to craft. Here are the parameters I used:

1. Lands

Lands should always be your first priority as those are generally going to be the most ubiquitous cards in Standard. The cycle of painlands are all extremely safe crafts.

2. Ubiquitous Rares

This is a pretty general category, but what I mean here is to next craft Rares you see in multiple decklists. Examples of this could include Fable of the Mirror-Breaker or Wedding Announcement as they see play in functionally any deck that can cast them. Furthermore you want to start with Rares as Mythics are going to be much harder to stockpile.

3. Ubiquitous Mythic Rares

Although you generally want to avoid crafting Mythics if you’re just upgrading budget decks, there are plenty of Mythics that see so much play they are very safe crafts. The most popular ones that come to mind are something like The Meathook Massacre or The Wandering Emperor as they’re cards that have literally no replacement.

4. Specific Rares

These are Rares that may see minimal play or only see play in one to two strategies. They can be good cards, just narrow, such as Halana and Alena, Partners or Edgar, Charmed Groom.

5. Specific Mythic Rares

These are Mythics that see minimal or small amounts of play. These are definitely the last thing you want to craft as these will be hard to use in other strategies with cards like Spectral Adversary or Elspeth Resplendent.

6. Junk/Extremely Specific Rares

These rares are unlikely to see any play and even if they do, it’s likely in one strategy that can somehow make good use of their effect. Unless you have an excess of Wildcards, I would generally avoid these.

7. Junk/Extremely Specific Mythics

These Mythics are unlikely to see any play and even if they do, it’s likely in one strategy that can somehow make good use of their effect. Unless you have an excess of Wildcards, I would generally avoid these.

The best way to use this list is as a means of deciding which decks to go for based on how likely the cards you craft can be applied to other strategies. So if you have limited Wildcards to spare, crafting decks that have a high amount of Ubiquitous Rares or Mythics is definitely your best bet, or a budget deck that forgoes as much rares and mythic rares as possible (expect a full update for Dominaria United soon!):

As a final note, these cards aren’t in order within their grouping, they’re just in color order. With that out of the way, let’s get to the list!


*To avoid confusion, I want to make clear that lands like Plaza of Heroes and Thran Portal aren’t autocrafts, despite being Rare lands. I would say Plaza of Heroes is a Specific Rare where Thran Portal is between Specific and Ubiquitous. Right now it’s probably closer to Ubiquitous, but when the other painlands come out, it’ll see substantially less play.

Ubiquitous Rares

As it stands I would say there are no Ubiquitous Rares. The closest would be The Raven Man, but we’ll have to see how the metagame developes.

Ubiquitous Mythic Rares

Specific Rares

Specific Mythic Rares

Junk/Extremely Situational Rares

Junk/Extremely Specific Mythic Rares

End Step

Dominaria United is very interesting as there are a lot of powerful cards, but they seem to be much more situational compared to the Rares and Mythics from most other sets. This may make it more difficult to cast a wide net of decks when spending your wildcards, but finding a powerful deck that you like to spend your wildcards on is generally my recommendation anyway!

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I hope this guide helps you decide on which deck you should go for next! Thanks for reading!

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