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In this article we explain the how the Vault reward system works in MTG Arena and how you can open it and check its progress.

In this article we explain the how the Vault reward system works in MTG Arena and how you can open it and check its progress.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is a hidden reward system in MTG Arena. Every Common or Uncommon card you obtain that you already have four copies of (i.e. the fifth copy of the card), will contribute towards opening the Vault. Progress towards the Vault can be earned in the following ways:

Excess Rares and Mythic Rares are now rewarded via the Duplicate Protection system.

How do I open the Vault?

The Vault opens when you reach 1000 Vault Progress Points. Every fifth Common or Uncommon card you earn will contribute a set amount of points towards the Vault, as per the below table:

Rarity of Duplicate CardProgress Points% Progress

Once you reach 1000 points, you will see the Vault icon on the top right hand corner of your screen, as below. Click on it to obtain the contents of the Vault.

Vault Appearance

What is in the Vault?

The Vault contains:

  • 3 Uncommon Wildcards
  • 2 Rare Wildcards
  • 1 Mythic Rare Wildcards
Vault Rewards

How do I check the progress of my Vault?

The Vault is hidden by default (because of the developer’s intention to remove it from MTG Arena in favor for another system). Once your Vault is full and it shows up on your screen, you can hover over to see more details as below:

Vault Full

You can leave the Vault unopened to see subsequent progress (for the second Vault reward), as it will not be lost and excess will be carried over.

You can also use a third party MTG Arena tracker as most can track the Vault progress by reading your game’s log file.

How long will it take to unlock the Vault?

  • Packs contain 5 Common cards and 2 Uncommon cards, and will contribute 11 points towards the Vault progression if they are not substituted by Wildcards. That means it will increase Vault progression by 1.1% (if you have a complete set).
  • Limited (sealed and draft) packs contain 10 Common and 3 Uncommon cards (to mirror the tabletop packs). Any cards obtained will be added to the collection – therefore on average, 3.9% may be progressed on your Vault for draft and 7.8% for sealed.

What is the best way of progressing the Vault?

The Vault is a source of precious Rare and Mythic Rare Wildcards, especially for free-to-play players of MTG Arena. It makes sense then, in order to progress the Vault as quickly as possible we will first at least need to complete the set of Commons and Uncommons in our collection. Here are some tips:

  • Limited (Sealed and Draft) is a great source of excess cards, as draft packs contain more Commons and Uncommons. When drafting, be mindful of your last few picks in a pack where often it will not impact your deck. Taking an Uncommon card will contribute more towards the Vault.
  • Players who have played MTG Arena for a while will accumulate a lot of excess Common and Uncommon Wildcards. Redeem these from the sets you expect to open the most (i.e. the latest set) and complete your Common and Uncommon card collection as soon as possible. That means subsequent cards earned will progress the Vault. Only do this if you have enough Wildcards.
  • Keep an eye out for promotional codes, which is a great source of card rewards for minimal effort. For example, the Boros Legion Twitch Prime deck will contribute 55 points towards the Vault and the Esports Starter Kit (now expired) gave 60 points worth of cards.


The Vault is an additional reward system that is triggered by progress. Players earn Vault Progress Points when they acquire a fifth copy of a particular common or uncommon card. For each card you acquire after your fourth copy, that card is converted into Vault Progress Points according to its rarity:

Rarity of Duplicate CardProgress Points

The Vault opens when you reach 1000 Vault Progress Points and unlocks:

  • 1 Mythic Wildcard
  • 2 Rare Wildcards
  • 3 Uncommon Wildcards

Note: the Vault is hidden until it has filled. When viewable, it can be found on the Packs screen.

If we make any changes to drop rates, we’ll be sure to post the new numbers here. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to share your thoughts and questions with us on the forums.

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