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Update Patch Notes

HIGHLIGHTS Plane-cation Chronicles New Basic Land Cards, Full-Art Lands, and Card Styles Installer Updates INSTALLER UPDATES Developer Note: These updates are shipping with the July 25th game update, which means players...

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Mu Yanling Avatar

Mu Yanling has adept command over wind and water, shaping them to meet her needs, whether it be gales to carry her through the air or weaving wind and water...

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In this article we explain everything about the Wildcard system in MTG Arena! What they are, how to obtain and redeem them, and the best cards to craft using these Wildcards.

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Bant Scapeshift

Our Bant Scapeshift deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this combo build for the Core Set 2020 expansion! This guide will teach you how to pilot, sideboard, and substitute...

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Twitch Prime Promo Boros Legion Deck Update

There has been reports that there is no way to obtain the Boros Legion promo deck you get if you sign up for Twitch Prime – which was meant to...

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MagicFest Denver 2019 Top 16 Decklists

Around 600 players competed in this weekend’s MagicFest at Denver at the biggest Standard tournament since the release of Core Set 2020. Top 8 Bant Scapeshift by Luis Scott-Vargas Ranking:... 0 Game Update Guide

Patch goes live on July 25th. This new content patch will include a series of special events called the Plane-cation Chronicles spanning over five weeks, improvements to the game...

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Throne of Eldraine

Throne of Eldraine is an expansion set to be released on MTG Arena on September 24, 2019. It will be the first set to be added to Standard after the format rotation since the open beta release.


Core Set 2020 Limited Guide (Part 1)

Hello again everyone, It feels like it has been a while since writing one of these! In addition to enjoying my summer off I have been playing a good amount...


Core Set 2020 Limited Guide (Part 2)

In this section I will be discussing my picks for the best common and uncommon cards for each color. These are cards that should be prioritized when drafting. Additionally, each...

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Throne of Eldraine – New Set Reveal at SDCC

This morning’s Hasbro Media Breakfast event at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) unveiled the name of the upcoming Fall 2019 Magic: The Gathering expansion set – which we knew only as its codename Archery, to be Throne of Eldraine.

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Giant Monsters

This weekend’s specialty MTG Arena event – named Giant Monsters – was formerly a streamer event called Kibler’s Giant Monsters. This is a great chance to add some coveted rare and mythic rare cards to your collection – read on as we cover how the event works.

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Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)

In this article we explain what Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) are, how to obtain them and how they work as part of the MTG Arena economy.

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Duplicate Protection

In this article we explain the how the Duplicate Reward reward system works in MTG Arena, so excess Rares and Mythic Rares you obtain do not go to waste.

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Wizards to Fix Spam Clicking the Cat Next Update

The latest MTG Arena update implemented the new Mastery system, and a new cosmetic cat to join us on the battlefield as part of its purchase. You can interact with...

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In this article we explain the how the Vault reward system works in MTG Arena and how you can open it and check its progress.

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Weekly Wins

In this article we list all the daily quests available in MTG Arena, how it works, how to complete them and the best way to maximize your rewards.