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Arena Cube Draft Card List 0

Arena Cube Draft Card List

This is the complete card list for the Arena Cube Draft event on MTG Arena, which are curated from the Historic card pool. You can search the table and sort...

Standard Rotation 2021 0

MTG Standard Rotation Guide – April 2021

What is Standard Rotation? With the advent of Arena, Standard is the most accessible and widely played constructed format in Magic: The Gathering. Four Magic sets are released (one approximately every three...

Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass 1

Strixhaven Mastery and Mastery Pass

The Mastery system for the Strixhaven expansion is a way for players to receive in-game content through regular gameplay. It runs from April 15th, 2021 until the release of the...

Kaldheim Championship 0

Kaldheim Championship Top 8 Decklists

Kaldheim Championship is an invite-only tournament and the second major event of the 2020 – 2021 Magic Esports season! We will see the best Magic players in the world compete...

Demonic Tutor Art by Sumie Okazu 6

Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Archive

Magic: The Gathering’s 87th expansion Strixhaven: School of Mages comes with a set of separate cards in specially designed showcase frames called the Mystical Archive. These are 63 reprints of...