Kaladesh Remastered

Kaladesh Remastered Key Art

The full card list for Kaladesh Remastered has been spoiled, MTG Arena’s latest Historic-only reprint set coming to us on November 12, 2020. There are a total of 303 unique cards in the set, combining the cards from the past sets Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, with curated cards from the best of both sets to create a great limited (draft and sealed) environment as well as inject more cards to the Historic format.

Set Breakdown

There are 303 cards total in the set:

  • 105 Commons
  • 96 Uncommons
  • 63 Rares
  • 23 Mythic Rares
  • 15 Basic Lands

Non-Kaladesh Cards

Sculpting Steel is the only extra card included in the set. Given its special Kaladesh Inventions border treatment, it could be a buy-a-box promo for the set obtained when you purchase the 45 or the 90 pack bundle.

Sculpting Steel

Alternate Art Cards

There are 12 cards with alternate art card styles in the set, some directly from Kaladesh Inventions and some that had their own promotional version of the card.

  • The Aether Hub card style can be obtained if you purchase the Kaladesh Remastered preorder starting on November 5.
  • Ornithopter’s rarity is notably at Mythic Rare.
  • We do not know as of yet how the others can be obtained.

Excluded Cards

As with Amonkhet Remastered, not all the cards made it into the set. A combined total of 448 cards are in the main set of Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, which means 145 cards have been excluded from Kaladesh Remastered. Few points to note about the curated list of cards:

  • Cards already banned in Pioneer (e.g. Walking Ballista, Felidar Guardian, Smuggler’s Copter) are excluded and not given a chance in Historic.
  • Many cards for the limited format are missing, but some that were a bit too good (e.g. Renegade Freighter) are also absent. Look forward to our draft guide soon!
  • In this list, we are not taking into account the Planeswalker deck cards as they are largely irrelevant and there are always better options out there.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t get to see some of the more fun, build-around junk rares (e.g. Dubious Challenge), but Wizards chose to include cards already in the client such as Heroic Intervention which further adds problems to MTG Arena’s collection and economy system.

Thanks to Justin “ThyrixSyx” Thibault for compiling the missing card list! Please let us know if we missed any cards.







Finally, also check out Amazonian’s Guide to Kaladesh Remastered for a rundown on what you can expect from the set! Remember, you can see all the information regarding this set in our main Kaladesh Remastered hub, where you will be able to see links to the complete card list, news, decks and more.


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