Standard’s Top Decks with Strixhaven: The Winners and Losers of the New Meta

Standard's Top Decks with Strixhaven: The Winners and Losers of the New Meta
Quandrix Cultivator Art by Filip Burburan

Hello everyone! With Strixhaven on the horizon, many want to know what the hottest new brews will be with all the new cards. That’s unsurprising given that brewing decks is probably my favorite thing to do as a Magic player. However, there are also many who want to be competitive right away and want to know how they can upgrade their old decks to fit into the new metagame.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the latter. With Strixhaven we’re going to see some substantial improvement to some archetypes, and some complete misses for others. As a note, these lists are good launching points, but the sideboards are likely going to need updating as the metagame starts shaping up. Let’s get into what falls where.


Strixhaven Temur Adventures 


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Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is a streamer and high ranked Arena player. He has one GP Top 8 and pioneered popular archetypes like UB 8 Shark, UB Yorion, and GW Company in Historic. Beyond Magic, his passions are writing and teaching!