The Top 4 Standard 2022 Decks to Take Down a Tournament with Sideboard Guides

The Top 4 Standard 2022 Decks to Take Down a Tournament with Sideboard Guides
Sudden Insight Art by Dan Scott

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to dive into a somewhat niche topic, Standard 2022 tournament play. I've been massively enjoying playing 2022 and I know many organizations are even running tournaments for the format as well! The only issue: Standard 2022 is Bo1 on Arena and Bo3 in tournaments. Sideboards really change matchup dynamics so not being able to practice with them before hand can be really challenging if you're looking to hop into a tournament.

That's a problem I'm looking to remedy. So you don't have to go through the hard work, I took the liberty to tune the 75s for the top 4 d...

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Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is the content manager of MTGAZone and a high ranked Arena player. He has one GP Top 8 and pioneered popular archetypes like UB 8 Shark, UB Yorion, and GW Company in Historic. Beyond Magic, his passions are writing and coaching! Join our community on Twitch and Discord.