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MTG Arena Patch Notes

2021.01.30 Patch Notes

Today’s midmonth update involves a host of card and user interface improvements and bug fixes.

FEB 18 – 2021.01.30 Patch Notes



  • Exile animations, particularly when being done to pay a cost, have been sped up.
  • Extremely large queues of abilities or spells on the stack should no longer cause draws.
    • Developer’s Note: Should being the operative word. We’ve been unable to force a draw internally with this, but we know some of you will take this as a challenge.
  • Floating mana now splits into distinct piles when being autotapped.



  • Thriving Lands that enter the battlefield with a Blood Sun in play will now correctly tap for mana.
    • . . . We’re guessing no one noticed, but still, glad we fixed it.
  • When Littjara Kinseekers enters the battlefield, its triggered ability no longer counts back-face creatures of modal double-faced cards (MDFCs) on the battlefield
  • Frostpyre Arcanist no longer counts opponent’s creatures for cost reduction
  • Stonework Packbeast will no longer cause the game to crash if it was the very first card added to a player’s deck that also contains Maskwood Nexus.
  • When an equipped creature that has changed control with Shackles of Treachery dies while the Shackles ability is still on the stack, the player is no longer able to destroy that creature’s Equipment.
    • Relevant Ruling: If that Equipment is no longer attached to the creature as the ability tries to resolve, the ability won’t resolve and the Equipment won’t be destroyed.
  • Reminder text should no longer appear instead of an ability’s text.


  • Fixed cases where the client could softlock during the victory/defeat/draw screen.
  • Fixed a bug on mobile where revealing the opponent’s hand caused multiple issues.
  • Adventure cards using the showcase card style will display the correct power/toughness visuals when on the stack.
  • Treasure tokens are now outlined correctly when highlighted.
  • Exiled cards will now show text without needing to be moused over.
  • Prompts with cards containing X values will no longer display an error message.
  • Mill and Scry hangers were incorrectly displaying a tap icon. This was both weird and wrong, but has been fixed.
  • The land side of certain MDFCs should no longer show 0 as a mana cost.

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