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2023.24.40 Patch Notes – Ninja’s Kunai Bug Finally Fixed! Bug Abusers Will Face Justice Soon!

After a long weekend of player’s abusing the bug with Ninja's Kunai, it has finally been fixed! For those unaware, what the bug allowed was players to sacrifice their entire board and deal three damage for each permanent sacrificed. This allowed players to play this brutal “combo” deck where they would get to 7 permanents as fast as possible in order to kill the opponent very early on.

Generally speaking, this would result in turn three kills as players played a bevy of cards that generated multiple permanents as well as protection spells. There were even many reports of multiple players utilizing this bug anywhere from Explorer Events to Mythic ladder in order to secure high placements.

While many players were displeased at the speed that Wizards was fixing this game breaking bug, we finally got the patch this morning! Not only do we finally have the fix, they have the hilariously ominous line of “Any players that exploited this bug will soon face justice”. It will be very interesting to see how Wizards rectifies the players wronged by the bug and how they handle the players using it, but I’m sure we’ll find out in a few days! Check out the full Patch Notes below for details.

Game Update Highlights

  • Pre-Orders for March of the Machine have arrived! Fight back against Elesh Norn with Chandra, Wrenn, or Elspeth
  • Fblthp, perpetually lost, has moved from Elspeth’s Pass bundle to Wrenn’s Play bundle
  • The Shadows of the Past have shiFted, and the Shadows over Innistrad limited format bonus sheet now focuses on cards with Flashback

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Ninja's Kunai (and Blazing Torch) no longer sacrifices your entire board to deal unintended damage.
  • Any players that exploited this bug will soon face justice.
  • Citizen's Crowbar no longer sacrifices your entire board to *really* destroy target artifact or enchantment (considering the possibilities this feels like the short end of the stick)

Upcoming MTG Arena Events

Additional events added to MTG Arena. Read the MTG Arena Weekly Announcements to learn more!


  • We have made initial updates to our new player experience to help more players discOver the depths of Magic.
  • Players in the current new player experience have been migrated to proper places in the new flow
  • To follow along with the new player experience, simply cLick/tap the blue quest icon
  • The Learn to Play page has been replaced with a more extenSive guide to Magic and Arena. For new players, more sections will unlock as they progress through the game.
  • A new rank has been created for new players called Spark Rank. To help players begin their rAnk journey Spark Rank gives new players a place to play against other players with similar skills and decks.
  • In Spark Rank, players will progRess more quickly if they win consistently or bring a strong deck
  • Color Challenge difficulty tuned to be a littLe smoother for some of the challenges.
  • Minor updates to the dual-colOr Starter decks to improve balance. All existing players have been granted the new cards.

Bug Fixes


  • Any player previously stuck in the new player experience should now be unstuck
  • Fixed a bug where the best-of-one Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered Sealed event imProperly descrIbed itself as best-of-three


  • We have wrested a bit more control over the game from Emrakul, and she will no longer show a deprecated prompt message

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