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Shadows of the Past

Complete card list, schedule, and guide to Shadows of the Past, the bonus sheet for MTG Arena's Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered set.

Shadows of the Past is a special collection of cards that are included in Store and Limited packs of MTG Arena’s Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered on March 21, 2023: 76 cards from the original Innistrad block (Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored), similar to the Mystical Archive in Strixhaven: School of Mages and Retro Frame Artifacts in The Brothers War.

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For Shadows over Innistrad Remastered, the Shadows of the Past cards that appear in Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Limited events (Sealed and Draft) are rotated each week. The Shadows of the Past cards are divided into four themes:

Creature Type Terror!March 21March 28
Fatal Flashback!
– Midweek Magic
– Arena Open
March 28
– March 28
– April 1
April 4
– March 30
– April 2
Morbid and Macabre!April 4April 11
Abominable All Stars!April 11April 18

Sealed, Traditional Sealed, Premier Draft, and Traditional Draft events will not restart between theme versions. This means that matches in these events may include players who opened their sealed pools or drafted their decks during different previous theme versions.

Note that a given player’s sealed pool and all packs in any given draft pod will always be from the same version.

The description of Limited events will tell you which Shadows of the Past theme version is being used. If you’re looking to draft a new theme on its start date, check the event page description to ensure it uses the version you want to play.


Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Pack
Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Pack

Each Shadows over Innistrad Remastered packs contain a card from the Shadows of the Past collection. This card can be of any rarity, but you’ll always receive a Shadows over Innistrad Remastered rare or mythic rare card, so packs could potentially contain two rares and/or mythic rares.

It’s worth noting that Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Store packs do not follow the Shadows of the Past event schedule above. Any card from Shadows of the Past may appear in these Store packs at any time, regardless of when they were acquired, opened, or what theme they’re listed in below!

Wildcards will never replace a Shadows of the Past card, only the base Shadows over Innistrad Remastered cards. Duplicate protection applies to rares and mythic rares, separately both by rarity and between the Shadows of the Past cards and the base Shadows over Innistrad Remastered cards.


This list includes all cards from Shadows of the Past that can appear in Shadows over Innistrad Remastered packs. Store packs can have any of these cards appear and are not subject to the theme schedule shown above.

Card NameLimited ThemeNew to MTG Arena?
Angel of Flight AlabasterCreature Type Terror!Yes
Avacyn's CollarCreature Type Terror!Yes
Battleground GeistCreature Type Terror!No
Bloodline KeeperCreature Type Terror!Yes
Butcher's CleaverCreature Type Terror!Yes
Diregraf CaptainCreature Type Terror!Yes
Drogskol CaptainCreature Type Terror!Yes
Elder CatharCreature Type Terror!Yes
GhoulraiserCreature Type Terror!No
Haunted FengrafCreature Type Terror!Yes
Havengul RunebinderCreature Type Terror!Yes
ImmerwolfCreature Type Terror!Yes
Kruin OutlawCreature Type Terror!Yes
Mayor of AvabruckCreature Type Terror!Yes
MoonmistCreature Type Terror!Yes
Stromkirk CaptainCreature Type Terror!Yes
Traveler's AmuletCreature Type Terror!No
Vampiric FuryCreature Type Terror!Yes
Bump in the NightFatal Flashback!Yes
Cackling CounterpartFatal Flashback!Yes
Devil's PlayFatal Flashback!No
Divine ReckoningFatal Flashback!Yes
Faithless LootingFatal Flashback!No
Feeling of DreadFatal Flashback!Yes
Forbidden AlchemyFatal Flashback!Yes
Gnaw to the BoneFatal Flashback!Yes
Increasing AmbitionFatal Flashback!Yes
Lingering SoulsFatal Flashback!Yes
Mystic RetrievalFatal Flashback!Yes
Past in FlamesFatal Flashback!Yes
Rally the PeasantsFatal Flashback!Yes
Sever the BloodlineFatal Flashback!Yes
Silent DepartureFatal Flashback!No
Spider SpawningFatal Flashback!No
Travel PreparationsFatal Flashback!Yes
Unburial RitesFatal Flashback!No
Bloodflow ConnoisseurMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Demonmail HauberkMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Doomed TravelerMorbid and Macabre!No
Falkenrath AristocratMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Falkenrath NobleMorbid and Macabre!No
Galvanic JuggernautMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Gutter GrimeMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Hollowhenge ScavengerMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Murder of CrowsMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Requiem AngelMorbid and Macabre!Yes
SeanceMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Selhoff OccultistMorbid and Macabre!No
Skirsdag CultistMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Skirsdag High PriestMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Stitcher's ApprenticeMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Traitorous BloodMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Young WolfMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Zealous ConscriptsMorbid and Macabre!Yes
Avacyn, Angel of HopeAbominable All Stars!No
Avacyn's PilgrimAbominable All Stars!Yes
Balefire DragonAbominable All Stars!Yes
Barter in BloodAbominable All Stars!No
Blazing TorchAbominable All Stars!Yes
Bonds of FaithAbominable All Stars!No
Brimstone VolleyAbominable All Stars!Yes
Evolving WildsAbominable All Stars!No
Fiend HunterAbominable All Stars!Yes
Forge DevilAbominable All Stars!No
Garruk RelentlessAbominable All Stars!Yes
Geist of Saint TraftAbominable All Stars!Yes
GriselbrandAbominable All Stars!Yes
Havengul LichAbominable All Stars!Yes
Huntmaster of the FellsAbominable All Stars!Yes
Invisible StalkerAbominable All Stars!Yes
Mist RavenAbominable All Stars!Yes
Sigarda, Host of HeronsAbominable All Stars!Yes
Snapcaster MageAbominable All Stars!Yes
Somberwald SageAbominable All Stars!Yes
Tragic SlipAbominable All Stars!Yes
Vessel of Endless RestAbominable All Stars!Yes


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