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Lord of the Rings Gandalf

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth – The First Look

One of the most beloved IPs ever, The Lord of the Rings, has finally melded with Magic for the first full Universes Beyond set! Today we got to see the First Look at the set and see some beloved and reviled characters, locations, and some sick promos as well!

Important Dates


While we only got a small look at the characters in the set, many characters will likely have multiple cards like how The Brother’s War treated Urza and Mishra. Beyond getting multiple cards, there will also be variants of many of these cards as well!


Of course, we’re going to see many of our favorite locations as cards of their own as well as some sweet map basics!

Scene Cards

There will be cards that show iconic scenes in this set as well!

The Rings

The One Ring is obviously the most standout, but there will be a lot of Rings to look at. Not only do we have the normal The One Ring, but we have multiple Sol Ring variants that represent the rings given to the Elves, Dwarves, and the race of Man as it was in the book. With that, there will be special printings of those Sol Rings that have the poem of the Rings written on them and they will be part of a limited print run – 300 for the Elves ring, 700 for the Dwarves ring, 900 for the Humans ring, and most spectacularly, a single printing of a variant of The One Ring.

The True One Ring

Commander and Starter Decks

Like all regular paper sets, this one will have Commander and Starter decks as well!

Box Toppers

The box toppers are variants of already existing cards! While this set is Modern legal, it will not change the legality of cards printed in it such as Wasteland.

Product Spread

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