Archetype: Mono Green Stompy

Mono Green Stompy (also known as Mono Green Aggro) is a deck archetype that uses the largest and most efficient creatures to pressure your opponents. It often utilizes mana acceleration that green also specializes in to bring out spells a turn ahead. The deck is at its best when its creature suite is resilient and provides some form of card advantage so it does not stumble in the face of controlling opponents.

Check out our Mono Green Stompy Deck Guide for an in-depth look, as well as a sideboard strategy!

mono-green aggro
54.1% global win rate
17.83% metagame share
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best against
vs boros burn
100.0% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs izzet mill
100.0% win rate
5 tracked matches
vs esper tempo
90.0% win rate
10 tracked matches
worst against
vs rakdos sacrifice
33.3% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs mardu midrange
33.3% win rate
6 tracked matches
vs boros humans
28.6% win rate
7 tracked matches