Standard Mono Green Stompy Deck Guide

Old-Growth Troll Art by Jesper Ejsing
Old-Growth Troll Art by Jesper Ejsing

Hello everyone, and welcome to another article! At last I’m bringing to the spotlight my go-to archetype on MTG Arena since I started playing on the platform in March 2019: Standard Mono-Green Stompy.

mono-green aggro
54% global win rate
18.47% metagame share
Powered by
best against
vs boros burn
100.0% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs rakdos treasures
100.0% win rate
11 tracked matches
vs golgari ramp
100.0% win rate
5 tracked matches
worst against
vs mono-black zombies
37.5% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs mardu midrange
33.3% win rate
6 tracked matches
vs boros humans
28.6% win rate
7 tracked matches


While incredible card quality was available to all throughout Eldraine and Ikoria we still had mostly uphill battles due to other existing cards and synergies having even higher power level. Still, the AFR set brought us a much needed early game boost and it turned out to be massive.

Appearance of Werewolf Pack Leader and Ranger Class resulted in the Green mage army rejoicing on the battlefields of Arena with Lee Shi Tian’s Rivals Gauntlet Top 8, Rumti’s 5$k SCG Qualifier win and the $2000 Arena Open prize secured by yours truly to name a few. The future was destined to be bright as the deck showed a lot of dominance in Standard 2022 which was only solidified by Tomas Pokorny beating everybody down in the last major tournament of that format.

Now, rotation is finally here. Standard will be continue to evolve and expand with new sets but our goal will always be the same: Attack and reduce our opponent’s life to 0 as quickly as possible.

Let’s get familiar with some challenges that we currently face that might affect the process of getting to that goal of ours:

Lack of one-drops

This one definitely hurts the most at the moment and despite the fact that my best results so far came from running 4 Jaspera Sentinel. I still succumbed to the idea that running higher power level provided by Wrenn and Seven would ultimately yield much better results.

Swarm Shambler is not as enticing with Lovestruck Beast and Gemrazer gone to pick up the slack for it.

Deathbonnet Sprout is an interesting but ultimately an unreliable option since the number of creatures in our deck that can end up in our graveyard is not that high.

Absence of hand disruption or interaction with the stack

The fundamental flaw of being Mono-Green that can’t be fixed. Splashing is a possibility but it will most likely require us to give up a few too many things which will pretty much shift us to a different archetype.

Less evasion

With the rotation of Gemrazer, Stonecoil Serpent, Questing Beast and Garruk, Unleashed, things get a little more annoying but at this point we should rely on what we have and wait patiently for new Standard sets.

The Deck

So far at this early stage in the new Standard and will all the iterations of the deck I’ve achieved a 69% ladder winrate to put me in the top #100 at the end of the September season, a 85% winrate in the Standard Metagame Challenge (40-7 with three 7-0 runs) and #11 out of 167 competitors at the Clearly Frame Advantage tournament with a 6-2 record, currently the most recent major Arena event.

Let’s get down to business and explore our all-star line-up:

Mono Green Stompy by Rint
by Terence
best of 3
4 mythic
46 rare
8 uncommon
2 common
Planeswalkers (4)
Wrenn and Seven
Instants (4)
Snakeskin Veil
Sorceries (4)
Blizzard Brawl
Artifacts (4)
Enchantments (4)
Ranger Class
Lands (20)
Faceless Haven
60 Cards
15 Cards

The Mana

Since we established the fact that one-drops are largely not great, we can still make the most of this situation by using the MDFCs from Zendikar Rising to the fullest:

4 Tangled Florahedron – basically these tapped lands are effectively our one-drops. However if the opportunity presents itself we are very happy to accelerate into a 4-drop and do the things those crazy ramp decks do. If removed, we can just proceed to play one of the powerful 3-drops.

4 Kazandu Mammoth – a massive threat on the attack and a backup land – a really unique package that we should be very happy to see in the archetype like ours for as long as this card is in the format.

2 Faceless Haven – since we have so many things to do with our mana at any given point I found the super high count of “man-lands” to be unnecessary, and the full playsets of Werewolf Pack Leader and Old-Growth Troll are of course an even bigger factor.

18 Snow-Covered Forest – the total of 28 lands with only 18 straight-up lands makes a good case for our overall consistency and mitigates mana issues pretty well.

The exclusion of Lair of the Hydra comes from the necessity to improve the consistency of Blizzard Brawl, having that spell’s ability not be delayed by more that one turn is very often critical.

The Beatdown

4 Werewolf Pack Leader – an absurd amount of text on top of a 3/3 body including card draw – somebody pinch me.

4 Ranger Class – a one man army card that has the capacity to win games on its own, good early, good late, too good to be true.

4 Old-Growth Troll – the current undisputed king of three-drops, a big edge over opposing aggro decks, a huge beater with evasion and a recurring threat vs control – is this even real life at this point?

2 Briarbridge Tracker – a great addition with Midnight Hunt that adds extra synergy with Esika’s Chariot to cop the Clue tokens and also serves as a Chariot’s crew.

4 Esika’s Chariot – possibly the best card in the format at the moment, Tangled Florahedron acceleration makes it even better for us along with many of our creatures being able to crew it on the following turn providing three attackers.

4 Wrenn and Seven – the overall power level of this card and the synergy it provides with Esika’s Chariot makes it too much to pass on considering the lackluster one-drop options we have available. The defensive capabilities versus Dragons and extra fuel versus control decks solidify this planeswalker’s case even more.

The Tricks

4 Blizzard Brawl – a phenomenal removal option that allows us to push through the damage without losing our creatures in combat – a big upside for being Mono-Green compared to other creature-based strategies.

2 Snakeskin Veil – as much as I want to just run eight removal effects, I definitely respect the control decks a lot in this format. Besides, this card could very well serve as a mini-Inscription in combat as well.

2 Inscription of Abundance – a Pioneer material game-changing instant with very flexible options.


4 Froghemoth – currently our only haste creature available but it packs a solid punch and provides a way to shutdown Blood on the Snow or Flashback value.

2 Toski, Bearer of Secrets – purely an anti-control option and a great one. As games go longer and grindier, the Ranger Class level two synergy becomes a powerful thing.

2 Tangletrap – with the rotation of Gemrazer and Stonecoil Serpent, Izzet Dragons have a higher change of getting out of control in the air – two mana instant speed unconditional removal seems like a great way to fix that.

2 Snakeskin Veil

2 Inscription of Abundance


The Lesson package for Gnarled Professor is not very vast but it’s definitely on point:

1 Introduction to Annihilation – a solid tempo option that allows us to close out the game or kill the unkillable (Koma, Kosmos Serpent).

1 Containment Breach – currently my personal favorite choice of removing artifacts or enchantments, playing a creature and sacrificing it is not one of them. In some cases we get to make a well, who would’ve thought… Another token for the Chariot to copy.

1 Mascot Exhibition – a great way to recover after a sweeper or just add major stats to the board in general, Chariot will look even happier.

Matchups and Sideboard Guide

Froghemoth Art by Brent Hollowell
Froghemoth Art by Brent Hollowell

Versus Izzet Turns

+2 Snakeskin Veil-4 Blizzard Brawl
+4 Froghemoth-2 Inscription of Abundance

Run as fast as you can and keep the Snakeskin Veil up whenever possible. We’re keeping all the expensive cards in there still since we don’t have much else to offer. Running out of threats is a scenario we can’t afford, so our Wrenn and Seven helps us with that at least.

Versus Izzet Dragons

+2 Snakeskin Veil-4 Blizzard Brawl
+2 Inscription of Abundance-4 Esika’s Chariot
+2 Tangletrap
+2 Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Generally a good matchup for us – we can be fast or grindy. Toski bypassing both counters and red removal is a great way to find all the answers we need.

Versus Mirror, Gruul Aggro/Werewolves, Mono White Aggro

+2 Inscription of Abundance-2 Snakeskin Veil

The best of our stuff is already in there. Fight spells and their timing is what mostly determines the outcome of these matches.

Versus Storm the Festival Ramp

+2 Inscription of Abundance-2 Snakeskin Veil

There are many variations of this ramp deck, and frankly speaking we could say that this matchup is the worst and actually unfavored. However, we do have the tools to win this Treefolk battle (like winning the die roll to play first). Jokes aside, our fight spells are the key to break through, especially combined together, so that’s why we want the highest number of copies.

Versus Mono Black Control

+4 Froghemoth-2 Snakeskin Veil
-2 Inscription of Abundance

Probably the trickiest matchup to sideboard against. Cutting Snakeskin Veil definitely feel counterintuitive against a Black deck but we are dealing with a high number of sweepers and really impactful creatures at the same time (Skullport Merchant, Nighthawk Scavenger). Adjust accordingly after seeing what kind of options your opponent presents or if you’re playing in an open-decklist setting.

Versus Dimir/Azorius Control

+2 Toski, Bearer of Secrets-4 Blizzard Brawl
+4 Froghemoth-2 Incription of Abundance

Despite Toski being easily answered with -X/-X by Dimir, it’s still a very impactful card. Be ready to grind, use your mana effectively and don’t overextend into a sweeper. We have a variety of different lines that allow us to play conservatively while still making use of all our mana.

Tips and Tricks

• Your 8 Zendikar MDFCs are basically your one drops, start with a tapped land on turn 1 pretty much always. An exception is when you have a powerful Tangled Florahedron line available.

Tangled Florahedron will often be your best friend when you need to hold up Snakeskin Veil or play around Jwari Disruption.

• A classic one: Mind the number of Snow permanents you control (in our case it’s just snow lands) before you fire off that Blizzard Brawl.

• The Lesson package most of the time will be relevant but don’t forget that if you’re looking for a specific out you always have the option of “looting” instead when you Learn.

• Pay attention to the many ways you can crew Esika’s Chariot using your summoning sick creatures. Kazandu Mammoth + Landfall trigger, Werewolf Pack Leader and activating it immediately, a freshy dropped Faceless Haven and many more.

• Your Ranger’s Class level 3 in not as reliable as pre-rotation. We usually resort to using it as your last option.

Inscription of Abundance let’s you choose ANY NUMBER of options with Kicker. If there is a creature with Ward in play and you can’t or don’t want to fight it you can still choose just the first two options. Also, don’t forget that Inscription will gain you life based on the highest power among creatures you control regardless of you targeting something and that something dying in response.

• If they hit you with Grafted Identity off of Storm the Festival, your Snakeskin Veil will not protect your creature since the Aura won’t target anything but will just be put into play attached. If it’s cast normally however, Veil is good to go.

Introduction to Annihilation can draw you a card if you exile your own permanent. It hasn’t been relevant for me yet but there’s no such thing as unimportant information in Magic!

That’s going to be it for my take on Mono-Green Stompy in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard! I hope you enjoyed the read – I will always be sharing my latest findings here, so stay tuned.

Plenty of high stakes events are coming up, with SCG Tour Online and the Red Bull Untapped events returning so buckle up and get your game faces on but always remember to have fun!


Maxim "Rint" Salmin started playing Magic in 2007 and has always been a Green-based aggro enthusiast. He's currently a streamer at and is notable for his Arena ladder and tournament performance with Mono-Green Stompy.

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  1. bl_82 says:

    Why did you take out 4 chariots when vs izzet dragons?

  2. Rint says:

    Don’t want to give them any chances with Prismari Command.
    I think in this match-up all you need to do is not die and/or answer their Dragons.

  3. Jack1211 says:

    Thank its really a nice guide. What’s the sb plan against Rakdos control? Thanks

  4. ajah says:

    Nice guide, thanks !
    Just a feedback about mirror, i had great results with Tangletrap, especially on the draw against the Chariot race. I cut both Professor for them and it works great.

  5. calebvdl says:

    My goodness, I’ve been choosing just TWO options from Abundance when kicking… And I’ve played probably 100+ games with this deck! Glad I decided to revisit your guide…

  6. calebvdl says:

    I also had no idea Lessons could Loot…