Standard Jeskai Combo

Standard Jeskai Combo (also known as: Jeskai Storm, Jeskai Dragonstorm) decklists, guides, and statistics for Magic: The Gathering. A blue-red based deck built around Goldspan Dragon by targeting and protecting it with your spells, as you generate a large amount of Treasure tokens. You can then grow the dragon with Show of Confidence, taking extra turns with excess mana, and finishing your opponent before they get a chance!

Check out our Standard Jeskai Como deck guide for an in-depth look, as well as a sideboard strategy!

Jeskai Combo (Storm)
50.6% global win rate
4.21% metagame share
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best against
vs orzhov angels
77.8% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs esper planeswalkers
77.8% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs selesnya enchantments
70.0% win rate
10 tracked matches
worst against
vs selesnya midrange
33.3% win rate
21 tracked matches
vs izzet dragons ️
30.8% win rate
13 tracked matches
vs boros aggro
28.6% win rate
28 tracked matches