August Standard MCQ Guide_ Best Decklists and Full Sideboard Guides

August Standard MCQ Guide: Best Decklists and Full Sideboard Guides

The August MCQ is here and DoggertQBones is ready to help you out! Learn what decks you should focus on and how to sideboard for the most popular matchups.

Hello everyone!

So a few weeks back I did an article about the most up to date lists for Standard and how to board for every matchup which ended up being quite popular! I'm going to do an update from that article and do Standard again, what I think the best lists are, and how to board for each other popular matchup! Let's see the 5 decks we're working with.

Dimir RoguesSultai UltimatumGruul AdventuresNaya WinotaTemur Lukka

This list should more or less fill out the most popular decks you’re going to see and/or would want to play. If you want to see their relative positioning, you can check out the latest update of the Standard Tier List and Rankings.

Lastly the decks aren't listed in order of preference. If you're curious on how I would order them, you can check out my Premium article from last week which holds up well. Let’s get into it.


Soaring Thought-Thief Art by Lie Setiawan

[sd_deck deck="bkW3kTmLZ"]


INOUT+2 Cling to Dust-4 Ruin Crab+3 Skyclave Shade-2 Merfolk Windrobber+2 Test of Talents-1 Disdainful Stroke+1 Mystical Dispute-...

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