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Brewing in a Top Hat: Historic Jund Magecraft-Clover-CoCo

Brewing in a Top Hat: Historic Jund Magecraft-Clover-CoCo

Hello everyone, welcome to Brewing in a Top Hat. I have been having a blast playing with Strixhaven and the Mystical Archive cards, and today I bring you an interesting, high synergy Collected Company brew I came up with while exploring the new Magecraft keyword. When I realized Adventure spells copied by Lucky Clover trigger Magecraft, I decided to try every possibility I could, and after about a week of testing on the best of three ranked ladder, here is what I came up with.

Historic Jund Magecraft-Clover-CoCo Decklist

[sd_deck deck=”jErleJpFr”]

Card Choices

Edgewall Innkeeper: Try not to play him until you are sure it will draw you a card. If he isn’t dealt with right away, he can run away with the game.

Llanowar Elves: We have a ton of three drops so a turn 1 Elf should be prioritized when considering mulligans.

Order of Midnight: With 2 of these and a Clover you never run out of creatures and Adventures – just be sure to juggle them correctly.  You don’t want to end up with both of them in the graveyard.

Dragonsguard Elite: This little fella can get big quick with the right hand. He is especially strong against decks that use only damage-based removal like Gruul. If it gets big enough, they will not have answers for it.

Lucky Clover: This is the most powerful card in our deck. We should prioritize opening hands that have this. Not only does it allow us to generate insane advantage, but the copied spells also trigger our Magecraft.

Sedgemoor Witch: This card makes the whole deck hum. She makes 1/1’s for Lovestruck Beast, she is good both before and after you play Collected Company, and she has good stats and keywords to play aggressively with. Because of her Menace, she can be a prime target to get a 2 for 0 from Embercleave.

Bonecrusher Giant: This is premium removal in our deck, especially with a Lucky Clover. Don’t discount the damage to face the creature half has. Between it and Sedgemore Witch’s Ward, opponents will be paying a significant amount of life to handle our threats with single target removal.

Lovestruck Beast: With a Clover and a Witch out, this adventure creates 4 power for 1 green, plus the Beast side is a prime CoCo target.

Klothys, God of Destiny: I’d say this is a meta call, but the card is good even without a ton of graveyard strategies floating around. The lifegain helps against aggressive and tempo decks floating around, and the indestructible and damage pips will keep the pressure on control lists.

Collected Company: Hey, I think this card might be pretty good!

Embercleave: As strong as we all know this card is, we only have room for a few cards that Collected Company can’t hit.

Beanstalk Giant: While it is true CoCo can’t hit this card, casting the Adventure side before you cast Collected Company will remove a miss from your card pool at the very least. If you have a Clover out when you play the Adventure, you will increase your odds to hit by very slightly more than if you ran two creatures that hit instead of these.

Sideboard Guide

Dragonsguard Elite Art by David Rapoza
Dragonsguard Elite Art by David Rapoza


+1 Maelstrom Pulse-4 Collected Company
+1 Murderous Rider-1 Klothys, God of Destiny
+2 The Great Henge
+1 Beanstalk Giant


+4 Scavenging Ooze-2 Dragonsguard Elite
+2 Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Shadow-4 Collected Company
+1 Order of Midnight-4 Llanowar Elves
+3 Garruk’s Harbinger

Selesnya Company

+1 Murderous Rider-1 Embercleave
+1 Maelstrom Pulse-1 Klothys, God of Destiny
+2 The Great Henge-2 Dragonsguard Elite


+4 Scavenging Ooze-2 Embercleave
+3 Garruk’s Harbinger-2 Beanstalk Giant
-1 Order of Midnight
-2 Dragonsguard Elite


+2 Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Shadow-2 Dragonsguard Elite
+1 Order of Midnight-2 Embercleave
+1 Murderous Rider-2 Beanstalk Giant
+2 Scavenging Ooze


+4 Scavenging Ooze-1 Embercleave
+1 Order of Midnight-4 Llanowar Elves


+1 Order of Midnight -1 Embercleave

Tips and Tricks

How do I “Juggle” Order of Midnight?

To juggle your Order of Midnight you need the following board state: 1 Clover in play, 1 Order of Midnight in graveyard, 1 Order of Midnight in hand, and at least one other creature in your graveyard.

Cast Alter Fate targeting the creature that is not Order of Midnight. Use the copy from Clover to target Order of Midnight; if they try to use a counterspell, they are forced to choose between countering the copy and letting you keep your 2/2 flyer or letting the other Order of Midnight get back to your hand, which is essentially the same thing.

You need two or more creatures in your graveyard; if you only have one, both copies will target the Order of Midnight, and because of the order it goes on the stack and resolves, the adventure itself will fizzle without a target and your 2/2 will go to graveyard instead of being exiled for you to play later.

Why do you sometimes side out Collected Company if it is so good? Llanowar Elves?

Because certain decks like to sideboard in Grafdigger’s Cage, and we do not have space for artifact removal. So instead we get it out ahead and lean into a more value-based strategy and try to grind them down.

As for Llanowar Elves, it is because in those instances we tend to side-in more two drops, so there is less risk of not having a turn two play. Importantly, we also prefer to play those two drops on turn two rather than some of our three drops since they tend to be pretty hard counters.

Can I see your Collected Company math?

I used Frank Karsten’s math from when Collected Company first came out in 2015.

TL;DR: You want at least 22 creatures to make sure you hit two of them around 75% of the time and whiff around 5% of the time.

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