Deck of the Day – Temur Adventures by Aaron Gertler (littlebeep)

Bonecrusher Giant (ELD) Art by Victor Adame Minguez

For today’s deck of the day, we are featuring a very powerful deck that makes use of Lucky Clover and a whole bunch of Adventure cards – Temur Adventures! This deck was popularized by Aaron Gertler (littlebeep), who came across the deck during his MTG Arena ladder climb and then built and tweaked the deck himself to the top of the rankings in the last couple of seasons. You can follow littlebeep’s stream on Twitch and Twitter where he updates and showcases the deck. His public profile also has the most up to date version of the deck (may be slightly different from below).

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Many might already be familiar with the deck already – it is certainly not an unknown deck archetype, but not widely played either. Magic Pro League player Jean-Emmanuel Depraz took the deck archetype to a 4-4 finish at Mythic Championship VII and more recently, Nathan Zamora took the deck to a top 8 finish at MagicFest Portland. One of the big advantages of the deck is that it is still a relatively rogue archetype that most players will not be prepared against.

The author of the deck, Aaron Gertler who goes by littlebeep has written a in-depth deck guide as well as some insights after more than 250 ladder matches. This deck is also perfect for BO1 players as it has the Fae of Wishes and sideboard package that you can customize to your needs also. Make sure to check them out, and give the deck a whirl!

Each day we will feature a deck that are either user submitted from the community or really interesting ones we scoured from other sources. If you would like your deck to be showcased here, you can do so via any of the three ways:

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2 Responses

  1. Shawn Rand says:

    Hes really on to something. If you can hold out until you drop your first escape to the wilds, it gets pretty crazy from there. I have been running a version with a couple incubation//incongruity, as well as a hydroid krassis, and have been killing it. VERY easy to make mistakes with all the triggers, but oh boy is it strong.

    I also found a potential piece of tech for the sideboard (or 2). If only there were ways to either keep playing from the top of your library, or cast spells for free. Spicy deck list, for sure.

  2. Been playing versions of this for a while now but I think I like his the most. It’s super fun with a lot of lines.