5C Hondens: The Greatest Jank – Historic Artisan

7 Responses

  1. Ricardo L Barreras says:

    This deck is garbage. Do not wastee your time. Too dependent on mana that comes into play tapped. Too slow.

  2. Dude I just played my first game of the event and went right for this spiceball! I actually won with all 5 Hondens in play. Historic Artisan has got to be one of the sweetest formats on Arena!

    • Drifter Drifter says:

      Glad you like the deck! Historic Artisan is great, the games feel so new and fresh compared to regular Standard.

      I really liked your Mutation Station video btw – I edited the article you wrote alongside it! Looking forward to your next.

      • Yes I think Historic Artisan is such a huge new brewing space for all the mechanics and cards that were not good enogh for standard. Well thank you! I’ll start working on the next one as soon as I can.

  3. Insightful Commentary says:

    I just played a mirror of this deck. Remember: you actually don’t want the blue honden in play in the mirror. It’s guaranteed self-decking. #themoreyouknow