Boros Knights – Standard Artisan

Boros Knights – Standard Artisan


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I noticed there was a lot of overlap between Humans and Knights, and plenty of decent ones, enough that I wanted to try to make Sanctuary Lockdown + Inspiring Veteran happen. I’ve been very impressed with Weaponize the Monsters in my Draft aggressive decks, and I suspect it is good here also as a means of leveraging Light Up the Stage and all your disposable creatures into a late game kill, and at blowing your opponents’ Azorius Fliers right out of the sky! I’m not entirely sure if I’m stretching myself too thin with this deck and trying to do too much, and that’s my main concern with it, but in theory I’m playing a lot of powerful cards and they have good synergies!


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  1. Alex says:

    Avoid if you wan to win.

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