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Gruul Adventure Phoenix by CalebD – Throne of Eldraine Standard

This is a deck based on Arclight Phoenix and cheap Adventure spells and Once Upon a Time for possibility an even faster start compared to the Izzet build. It definitely is more combo-centric where the raw power of the deck relies on a second turn or even a first turn Arclight Phoenix.

4 Shock (M20) 160
7 Forest (ANA) 65
4 Rosethorn Acolyte (ELD) 174
7 Mountain (ANA) 64
4 Edgewall Innkeeper (ELD) 151
4 Thrill of Possibility (ELD) 146
2 Lava Coil (GRN) 108
4 Once Upon a Time (ELD) 169
4 Bonecrusher Giant (ELD) 115
4 Merchant of the Vale (ELD) 131
4 Lovestruck Beast (ELD) 165
4 Arclight Phoenix (GRN) 91
4 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259

3 Veil of Summer (M20) 198
1 Fry (M20) 140
2 Thrashing Brontodon (M20) 197
2 Lava Coil (GRN) 108
1 Saheeli, Sublime Artificer (WAR) 234
2 Questing Beast (ELD) 171
4 Shifting Ceratops (M20) 194


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