Izzet Flash – Standard Artisan

Izzet Flash – Standard Artisan


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Izzet Flash has ever been popular in Artisan since the format tends to be pretty small-creature oriented, and Izzet Flash preys on the small ones with its suite of fantastic efficient removal, and then uses a host of countermagic to answer the big ones. Sprite Dragon is a massive addition in Ikoria, greatly improving its density of good threats. I expect it to be one of the best decks right now, since it seems like it would be pretty good against both Cycling and Azorius Auras – the formula of kill all their creatures and then counter their Zenith Flares while having your own pressure is pretty good in both those matchups. I suspect my Pilgrim Azorius Auras and the more midrangey decks will be capable of outgrinding it, so I’ve left in a lot of creatures to try to facilitate that pressure plan.


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