Orzhov Humans – Standard Artisan

Orzhov Humans – Standard Artisan



Orzhov Humans gets access to the best removal spell in the format in Dire Tactics, alongside a powerful swarm/drain strategy and a great anthem. It’s packed full of 3 mana Enchantments, but they’re all extremely powerful and your opponents are going to be in for a rough time once you set a couple of them up… I suspect this deck will excel against any deck that tries to attack on the ground, having infinite blockers and lifegain in Cruel Celebrant and Bastion of Remembrance.


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  1. TJ says:

    This deck was a blast! I kept playing long after my 1st two wins on FNM at home.

    • Drifter Drifter says:

      Glad it played well for you! I wasn’t altogether sure about this one when building it, but I did think the combination of great removal and lots of drains had potential. Were there any changes you would’ve made, any cards you felt were underperforming?

  2. TJ says:

    I ran up against a mill/discard deck and had really bad luck (Not the deck’s fault) with land draw and was crushed, but I happened to get rematched against the same exact player and rolled through board control which was really satisfying. I felt like in most matches there was enough removal and chip damage for early game, and then I’d have a wave of low cost humans swinging.

    Are you guys going to do Pauper recommendations for FNM? I really appreciate them.

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