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Historic Soul Sisters Theorycraft Decks

Welcome to the second Historic theorycrafting session, following our brews with Goblins yesterday – be sure to check it out if you have not already! Today we will be building a few decks around the two cards being introduced to Historic Anthology 1, which are Soul Warden and Serra Ascendant.

Why is this deck called Soul Sisters? Well, this is a classic deck archetype from Magic’s history and still played as an entry level deck to Modern from time to time, named after Soul Warden herself and [c]Soul’s Attendant[/c] (same cards, different names). We don’t have her other half here, but the theme of the deck is still the same – an aggressive mono white weenie deck with lifegain payoff cards. Ajani’s Welcome is not a creature, so it does not help with our gameplan and should be avoided.

On a sidenote, as Magic deck names become more streamlined rather than being given nicknames, the deck would be probably called something like Mono White Lifegain or even just Mono White Aggro if it becomes a player in the Historic metagame. For now though, we will continue using the traditional name.

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Mono White Soul Sisters

[sd_deck deck=”OmPVDP2nX”]

We start off with the basic decklist that features some nice lifegain payoff cards, namely Resplendent Angel and Ajani, Strength of the Pride. We are trying Impassioned Orator to complete the Soul Sisters strategy, but something like Leonin Vanguard can easily take its place. Benalish Marshall and Venerated Loxodon are used as the army buffers in the deck. There are other cool cards to try such as Militia Bugler, Unbreakable Formation and Pride of Conquerors. The core of the deck should remain consistent with Soul Warden, Serra Ascendant and Ajani’s Pridemate.

Azorius Soul Sisters

[sd_deck deck=”5GFvq0LQ”]


We all know Teferi, Time Raveler is broken, so why not give the deck a light splash to accommodate for it? We also have access to Deputy of Detention that acts as both a creature and disruption, and we can fetch that with Militia Bugler that we are trying as suggested above.

Boros Angels Soul Sisters

[sd_deck deck=”sW2XaYBWN”]


We end this article with a jankier brew continuing on from Goblin Dreadhorde from yesterday. This version has angels as its secondary synergy, similar to Boros Angels from last year’s Standard season. They also have cards that can gain you lots of life – Bishop of Wings and Angel of Vitality from Core Set 2020 are fun additions to the deck and Deafening Clarion can be used as both a sweeper and give your creatures lifelink.

Wrapping Up

Lifegain synergy is a rarely tier one strategy but is a popular one. With some nice payoff cards in Historic, it could be a player i the new metagame. As always, let us know what you think, join our Discord server to discuss Historic and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our updates!

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