How to Navigate the December 2021 Crimson Vow Draft Arena Open: Tips, Tricks, and Sample Trophy Decks

Bleed Dry Art by Jodie Muir
Bleed Dry Art by Jodie Muir

Hey Everyone! I am super excited for the upcoming Arena Open this weekend because they are finally letting us draft for cash! We’re going to go over the changes they’ve made to the event, give you a bunch of tips and tricks for the format, and go over a trophy deck (maximum wins) for each archetype.

Event Details

Arena Open Event Guide – December 2021

I think the biggest thing to notice is that the entry fee has increased from previous events by 5,000 gold or 1,000 gems. While I’ve seen a lot of people getting hyped about the bigger prize at the end, they’ve also changed the prize structure to make it a lot more top heavy which really drops the return on investment for the average player.

Even though I’m a huge proponent of Bo3 draft, the day one structure heavily favors playing Bo1 for the open. Being eliminated with only one loss in a bomb heavy for...

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Josh is a member of the elite limited team The Draft Lab as well as the host of The Draft Lab Podcast. He was qualifying for Pro Tours, Nationals, and Worlds literally before some of you were born. After a Magic hiatus to play poker and go to medical school, he has been dominating Arena with over an 80% win percentage in Bo3 as well as making #1 rank in Mythic.