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Craterhoof Behemoth Art by Chris Rahn

Jumpstart Historic Decks from Day 1

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Jumpstart cards are now here on MTG Arena, introducing more than 100 new cards to the Historic card pool! Players are now free to test the new format free from Nexus of Fate and a powered down Gruul Aggro. With many talented players preparing for the next Arena Open coming up in just two weeks on August 1st, what will be the best decks in Historic going forward? Field of the Dead based ramp decks look likely to be the next contender to become the most powerful deck archetype (at least until the release of Amonkhet Remastered coming up on August 13th) – despite having so many cards that hate against it.

As we prepare for the complete Jumpstart event guide and set review coming up, this is our roundup on the new Historic decks featuring the new cards from Jumpstart, played by Mythic players, pros and streamers alike!


Jumpstart introduces some classic cards from Magic’s past that are widely played in other formats. For example, Explore is being included in the latest Field of the Dead builds in addition to Growth Spiral (we know how powerful that card is by now). Chromatic Sphere will be a useful mana fixer, artifact synergy enabler and value card that will be included in many decks going forward. Historic is getting close to having some fast combo decks involving artifacts, and some already exist in the form of Kethis, the Hidden Hand, Underworld Breach and Song of Creation.

There are more powerful role players that are introduced in Jumpstart that will make existing archetypes even more powerful and may allow them to compete among the best decks. Many veteran Magic players will know these cards have made an impact in their respective formats.

Creature-based decks, especially ones based on tribal synergies, are continued to be well-supported in Historic. Combined with the new cards from Historic Anthology and Core Set 2021, Goblins, Elves, Spirits and Vampires will look to break through and take over Gruul Aggro as the best aggressive decks.

There are many more cards that in Core Set 2021 and Jumpstart that may make an impact on Historic, so in the meantime check out the decklists below to learn what’s been cropping up on the first day of Jumpstart. As always, be wary of popular decks from the first week of a new set, as they can disappear very quickly. The metagame will likely remain quite unstable in the first week or so, at least until the next tournament and event results start to come out. This is especially true for newer players with limited resources, as Historic legal cards cannot be used elsewhere. Unfortunately, recent Magic expansions have introduced some very powerful cards (I’m looking at you, Uro and Teferi), which may overshadow a lot of these great cards.

We will be continuously be adding all decks here, or you can go straight to our Historic deck section. Remember, you can also use our deck submission form to have your deck featured here. We will be following up with Historic deck guides, metagame updates and much more so stay tuned!


Iroas, God of Victory Art


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