MTG Arena Zone Premium Membership Relaunch!

MTG Arena Zone Premium Membership Relaunch!
Elspeth's Devotee Art by Caroline Gariba via Wizards of the Coast

Hello to all our valued visitors and members of the MTG Arena Zone community! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for reading and for your continued support – it really motivates us to keep going and improve day by day.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a (soft) relaunch of our Premium membership subscription plan! Support MTG Arena Zone and your favorite content creators starting at $2 USD per month or $20 USD per year, starting with the following benefits:

  • No ads: Browse the entire website ad-free, both display and video.
  • Exclusive Content: Premium articles only for Premium members, at your fingertips.
  • Support: Your contribution will help us further improve our operations and strive for improvements.
$2 / Month
$20 / Year

To get a taste of what Premium content might look like, you can check out our first Premium article for free by DoggertQBones: What Historic Decks You Should Play at the Mythic Qualifier Weekend and Why. Our plan is to publish an article every Friday initially, and adjust according to demand.

We also plan to expand this membership over the next few months to include more exclusive features, reinvesting directly into our network of websites and the team.

If you have any issues or feedback (especially regarding the type of exclusive content you’d like to see!), you can always reach out to us via the following channels:

We always thank you for visiting!


Korean gamer in Australia. Proud owner of the DotGG and its network of websites. I especially enjoy fantasy worlds, role-playing games, and collecting things! Favorite games include World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, and League of Legends.

20 Responses

  1. Chrysologus says:

    Yay, signed up!

  2. brnakp says:

    Signed up! You are doing fantastic job, thanks!

  3. Dadaist says:

    I had to sign up cause i’m on here everyday. It’s so much better without the ads.
    This and CGB is all i need for my daily dose of Arena-content!

  4. Alex says:

    So i’ll guess i’ll stop reading you just like Channelfireball. Shove those money up your ass

  5. Rapsolo says:

    Signed up! Com’n guys lets support this awesome job!

  6. Gil says:

    time to move on!!! bye

  7. Thisdan says:

    It’s a wonderful page and 20$ a year are totally worth it! I’m in!

  8. theofaber says:

    Thanks for all the content. I’m also in. The last year I’ve read a lot of content – and enjoyed it.

  9. Tim says:

    I spent a few minutes trying to find the original page from 2020 where at one point the promise was made that you would never put content behind a pay wall. I guess, like so many other shady things on the Internet, you took it down to make it harder to be called out on publicly. Guess it is my word against yours. You do not need to reply with rhetoric that borders on the uncanny valley to make me feel better or you look good, I promise I will not come back to read it. It seems the majority of the comments don’t mind, so for the most part, everyone is happy anyway. But I just thought it might you personally to have to think about breaking a promise for 15 seconds before getting on with your day and forgetting about it forever. Maybe it will result in a positive manifestation in your life down the road. I hope so, for everyone, really. But that kind of thing matters to me. So, one person will not be returning. Enjoy your weekend. Selah.

  10. John I says:

    What is the structure for sharing the earnings with the content creators for the site? I’m not against paying for premium content, but I do like to know what it is going towards.

  11. Patient_Number_5 says:

    This is excellent value. $20 a year is totally reasonable for the info, decklists, and other content available on this site. I’m gonna love not having to see the ads.

  12. JWest says:

    I would’ve signed up if you weren’t going all in on the ads for non-premium users.

    Not only that it’s already obstructive but you also have another ad that plays videos. It felt predatory in a way.

  13. noobnoob says:

    Man some hostility here… 2 bucks a month is not even enough to shove up there with…

    What you guys do here worth a lot more than $2 so I signed up. Haters gonna hate whatsoever so don’t sweat!