Strixhaven Standard & Historic Decks from Day 2

It's the second day of Strixhaven, and all eyes are still glued towards Historic, with occasional sparks coming from Standard.

Strixhaven experimentation continued on Day 2 and we’ve seen a great variety of Historic and Standard lists that content creators and high-level players were showing off on streams and social media channels.

Mystical Archive remains the most exciting part of the new set as it introduced dozens of powerful and some truly iconic cards into the Historic format. Standard brewing has been quite timid so far, with players interested in that format mostly focusing on Orzhov Magecraft and Witherbloom Sacrifice decks.

The Historic ‘Turbo Ultimatum’ deck is the talk of the town today. It works towards a turn 4 Emergent Ultimatum with Faithless Looting and Brainstorm, where it hopes to cast the game-winning spell with the help of Mizzix’s Mastery or Unburial Rites on Scholar of the Lost Trove. The Ultimatum usually will lock the game with access to Time Warp, Omniscience, Sublime Epiphany, and such.

Another two scary-looking combo builds that can reshape the Historic landscape are the Mind’s Desire Storm deck and the Tainted Pact combo. It seems that the days of ‘fair’ Jund and Sultai rock-like decks are over, as with the arrival of Mystical Archive Historic truly has acquired the vibe of ‘eternal’ format where everyone now looks to do the most broken stuff possible.

On this page, we have collected various lists that we’ve seen today on the Ranked ladder, in both competitive MTG Arena formats. Enjoy the Strixhaven experimentation, and stay tuned with us as we’ll be following the meta evolutions!

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