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The Five Best Explorer Decks for the Best-Of-One Qualifier Play-In Event

The Explorer Play-In event is here, but how can you secure your wins? Just ask resident Explorer and Pioneer expert darthjacen! He has 5 excellent decks that will allow any style of player to beat through the competition!

How’s it going everyone?

I’m back again this time to discuss the latest Arena Qualifier Play-In weekend, which features best-of-one (bo1) Explorer this upcoming weekend and best-of-three (bo3, Traditional) Explorer on the 17th. Explorer recently went through a shakeup with the banning of Winota, Joiner of Forces and with the latest ban announcement, Expressive Iteration has joined the ban list as well. While Expressive Iteration wasn’t as dominant a card in Explorer as it was in Pioneer, to keep the banlists in sync, Expressive Iteration was also removed from Explorer.

June 7, 2022 Banned and Restricted Announcement: Winota, Joiner of Forces and Expressive Iteration Banned in Pioneer and Explorer, Other Formats “Healthy”

With Winota, Joiner of Forces gone and a best of one tournament looming, now is a great time to do a deep dive into what the metagame will look like for this play in qualifier and how best to approach it so you can ensure your shot at the June 18th and 19th Qualifier Weekend.

Event Information

Event Format

June 2022 Qualifier Play-In gameplay format is Traditional Explorer Constructed. Players compete with a minimum 60-card ...

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darthjacen has been playing Magic since Dark Ascension and plays Standard, Modern, Pioneer, and Limited. With a Grand Prix win in 2015 and an SCG Team Top 4 in 2019, he continues to pursue competitive Magic at every turn. You can follow him on Twitch and YouTube.

Articles: 29