Break Expectations Art by Svetlin Velinov

The Three Decks I Would Play to Crush an Alchemy Tournament – New Lists with Sideboard Guides and the Barely Played Deck I Would Choose

Hello everyone! With our tournament series officially kicking off next week there's going to be plenty of competitive events to test your Alchemy chops in. As everyone knows, playing on ladder is one thing, but playing in a tournament is a whole different beast. You can expect a greater concentration of the top decks in the format as well as decks that are being teched significantly for the expected field. Even if your deck is Tier 1, one list that could perform well on ladder may end up being worse in a tournament due to these factors.

Introducing the MTG Arena Zone Championship Series

With that, I decided that you lovely Premium members needed a leg up on the competition! With three of my top picks, decks updated for tournament play (that will still serve you well on ladder), and sideboard guides, you should be ready to tackle the competition!


Inferno of the Star Mounts Art by Jesper Ejsing

This probably comes as little surprise to those playing a lot of Alchemy. Dragons is absolutely crushing it right now with the power...

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