Three More Decks I Would Play to Crush an Alchemy Tournament – Best Lists with Full Sideboard Guides

Unexpected Conversion Art by Kekai Kotaki
Unexpected Conversion Art by Kekai Kotaki

Hello everyone! There's going to be a lot of Alchemy tournaments this month, a few of them for SCQ invites, so having a strong knowledge of the format is going to be vital! I did this piece a few weeks ago, but I was flying a bit blind in terms of what's going to perform well in a tournament setting as I only had my knowledge and opinions to go off of rather than more data. That said, I believe those lists are still great choices so if you want to check that article out, you can click the link below.

The Three Decks I Would Play to Crush an Alchemy Tournament – New Lists with Sideboard Guides and the Barely Played Deck I Would Choose

That said, now that we have more tournaments under the belt to examine, I picked out 3 more lists I would happily play in a tournament and how I would sideboard in every matchup! Let's get into it.


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