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Unstoppable Brawl Player Goes Undefeated In CommandFest Frankfurt’s Brawl Event

Want to learn how to be the best player in the known universe? Follow the example of the player who went undefeated in the Brawl event at CommandFest Frankfurt! Learn how you can harness even a fraction of their power to level up your game.

Some players are good at Magic. You have your Reid Dukes, your LSVs, your PVDDRs, and so on. They are all amazing players who have a litany of achievements under their belt, but do you want to know what they also all have in common? They sometimes lose.

For you winners out there who aren’t familiar with the term, google defines lose as “be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something)” or “become unable to find (something or someone)”. If you’re telling me that doesn’t make sense, of course it doesn’t, that may just mean that you’re a winner yourself.

Winners come in all shapes and sizes, however, all of them have to bend their knee to Magic’s most winning winner, Joep Smit (@NoShirtSherlock on Twitter). They don’t know the definition of losing, hell, they probably never even heard the word. All Joep knows is how to win. Need proof? Joep went undefeated at the Brawl event at CommandFest Frankfurt.

For those who aren’t familiar with the format, unlike Historic Brawl, Brawl is a 60 card singleton format that utilizes Standard’s card pool and ban list. Like the other Commander-esque formats, you have a general that dictates the colors of your deck and what you can build with.

Now anyone can have a good run of course and players have gone undefeated in events before like LSV’s famous 16-0 run or more recently Jim Davis’s 12-0 run in the Set Championship, but do you know what they did afterwards? They had the audacity to lose. Joep is not as privy to mortal failings thus simply decided to win instead. A stroke of luck, perchance? Nay, for this is the only zone Joep can play in. Not only did Joep go undefeated at CommandFest Frankfurt, but went undefeated 4 years prior in GP Barcelona’s Brawl event as well!

Here’s the proof.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Well of course Joep won, nobody showed up!” Ok so riddle me this, would you willingly pay money to run a serious race against Usain Bolt? Or swim a 200 against Katie Ledecky? No, because you know the outcome before the race even began. Maybe you would pay the money just to meet them, but the outcome is the same. That’s why it makes sense that there was a queue going out the door in both events where people would walk up, hand Joep their Brawl entry fee, then leave*. They were just saving themselves and Joep time.

*This claim is currently unverified, but obviously true. (Source: Trust me, bro)

Whether you look at Twitter or the Reddit posts detailing the well-earned victory from Joep, everyone is in agreement: Joep is unbeatable. Rather than view Joep as a Magic player, it’s probably more apt to view them as a primordial entity to get a gauge on how proficient of a Brawl player Joep is. If you happen to see Joep on the street, it’s likely best just to hand over your money immediately. Like the sun, it’s best not to stare for too long lest your elo tanks and DCI number disintegrates.

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